7 Ways to Express Your Love to Your Kids ...


7 Ways to Express Your Love to Your Kids ...
7 Ways to Express Your Love to Your Kids ...

As parents, sometimes life can get hectic! Especially for mothers, and especially if you work outside the home, there just isn’t enough hours in the day! We usually fall into bed each night completely exhausted. Before you know it, the entire week has passed and your kids have gotten the short end of the stick. So below, I have put together a little list of ideas to let you children know how much you love them, even when time is short.

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Read to Them

Read to Them Photo Credit: brittain road

Most children love to hear stories. My children beg for me to read to them! We make regular trips to the library and bookstore. Sometimes, I make up stories, and sometimes I read the same story over and over. They don’t care, as long as they can listen.


Listen to Them

Listen to Them Photo Credit: ohmytrip

How many times are you so busy you can’t take the time to listen to your child? I mean really listen? Stop what you are doing, look them in the eyes, and listen to what they are telling you. Take 10 or 15 minutes and simply enjoy a conversation with your child.


Talk to Them

It is easy to tell your kids what to do, what not to do, what they can eat, and what they can’t eat. But can you have a conversation with him, just talking and enjoying his company? Can you sit and talk about her day with her, about how school went? No orders, no corrections, no criticizing. Just fun conversation!

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Play with Them

Play with Them Photo Credit: julsatmidnight

Make it a point every day and spend a few minutes playing with your toddler. Play cars, play dolls, play hide and seek. Whatever he or she likes to do, spend a few minutes and play. You are making memories that will last lifetime!


Promise Them

I understand sometimes you can’t put down what you are doing and play with your baby. But when you say tonight we will play, follow through on your promise and play! Keeping your word is important to your child and he won’t feel as bad when you can’t stop at the moment. But when you come to him that night and say, “You ready to play?” you will make him the happiest person alive!


Treat Them

I know money is tight for most of us right now, but when you have a couple extra dollars, why not treat your kids to an ice cream cone, or a new box of crayons? Please don’t think I am implying you have to buy your kids love, or spoil them with gifts. But little kids love trinkets and gadgets and they feel special when you surprise them, just because you love them.


One on One Time

One on One Time Photo Credit: jupalada

I take the time each week and make one day “Your day.” That day is the day he gets to ride in the front seat, she gets to paint her nails with mommy, he gets to bake cookies alone with mommy, or other little things. No one else is allowed to participate, just “him/her” and me. The next day, it’s someone else's turn. My children love this, and so do I!

What do you do to help make your children feel special? Share your ideas with me. I’d love to hear from you!

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