10 Ways to Express Your Love to Him ...

By Talynn

There are many simple, creative and inexpensive ways to show your love to your significant other. It always makes his day to know that you are thinking of him!! Thoughtfulness and sensitivity are key elements to keeping your relationship alive and passionate. Here are a few of my favorite, quick tips for doing just that.

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Say I Love You...every Day

Say I Love You...every Day Photo Credit: Bu_Saif

A lot of people seem to forget or overlook how important doing just this one small thing is. It's not overrated or overused. Remind your man that you love him and that he is number one in your life and it will pay off in more ways than you expect.


Send Him Cards or Letters Often

Send Him Cards or Letters Often Photo Credit: -=regina=-

Love letters are very important especially if you live in separate states or if your man is deployed or in the service. My fianc

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Love is a new expariance and love is different. It's feelings is different.

Nice, lovely post.