7 Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy ...


7 Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy ...
7 Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy ...

Sometimes, we go through over thirty boyfriends before we find the one guy that we are going to marry. I don't know how many boyfriends I went through before I got married. I got married when I was 18 on October 24, 2003. That is the day my whole life changed right before my eyes, but it is something that I was ready for. I always thought it was important to keep a boyfriend happy. Below, I am going to give you 7 tips on how to keep your boyfriend happy!

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Stay Faithful

Stay Faithful Photo Credit: Pankcho

I think this is more of an obvious way to keep your boyfriend happy, yet some girls do not stay true. If you really do not want to hurt your boyfriend and want to keep him happy, then don't cheat. Don't even go flirting with other guys. This is not respectful.


Smile when You See Him

Smile when You See Him Photo Credit: bunny jennyy

Guys love it when girls smile the instant they see them. This makes them feel special. I smile a lot at my husband. He sees that I am happy and this makes him happy.


Tell Him You Love Him

Tell Him You Love Him Photo Credit: Dragan*

If you want to see the boy have a shot of energy flow through his body, then tell him just how much you love him. Give him all the love he deserves. Of course, if you do not love your boyfriend, then you should just skip over this.


Play Video Games with Him

Oh, come on girls, you can do it! Many guys out there enjoy video games. So, why don't you join in and play video games with your boyfriend? There is nothing wrong with this. So what if he is better than you? He will still be happy that you are playing with him, at least I know my husband is always happy to have me join in on games with him.


Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth Photo Credit: Helga Weber

Don't you hate it when someone tells a lie? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Therefore, you should speak the truth. To keep the boy happy, it is important that you tell the truth, even if he does not like it. It's better to speak the truth than to tell a lie. A lie will come out of the closet in the future and he will wonder why you never told him.


Put the Cell Phone down

Put the Cell Phone down Photo Credit: Laura Gommans

Do you really think that the boyfriend likes driving down the road with you sitting next to him on the phone? How about watching a movie while you are sitting there on the phone or seeing you on the phone on a dinner date? Even if you are just texting a friend, it is still wrong.


Listen to Your Boyfriend

Listen to Your Boyfriend Photo Credit: ken_pogs

It is important that you listen to your boyfriend, even if he is talking about things you do not want to hear or care to hear. You should at least try to listen. Listening and communication is important in every relationship.

There you have 7 tips on how to keep your boyfriend happy. Some of you may already know these tip, so don't take it personalyl if you do. This is meant for the girls that are in need of advice like this. Some girls are just starting out and do not know much. I am here to guide you along. If you have any questions on keeping your boyfriend happy, then ask me on this blog.

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I always try to play video games with my man. (Yes, he's a man but he loves his games.) I think he has fun watching me trying to use the PlayStation controller with my little fingers. Hehehe.

nice! thats my photo in tip no.1 :) thanks a lot! noticed it just now..

Nice tips I really enjoy it and it`s so useful . Many Thanks

im loyal to my boyfriend brent i do everything i can do to keep him happy and he's always happy around me and tells me im just great and he's glad im in his life and that i make him happy but the other day my friend pete dint kno that me and brent were goin out and pete asked brent so wat gurls do u like adn brent goes well number 1 is bailey number 2 is brittney and number 3 is ME... he told my friend i was 3rd place i just cant believe it i mean i thought i was everything he ever wanted adn he said i was the best thing thats ever been with him but y would i be 3rd place ???????????????????

And for all the girlfriends whose boyfriends DON'T play video games, because not every guy is into video games, show an interest in other things he likes. If if it's rock climbing - see if he will teach you, and go do an easy climb, if it's postmodernistic artwork - drive to a big city and see their art gallery, etc etc etc.

Be happy it will make him happy.

the smile tip is so sweet :) nice article

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