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8 Ways to Compliment a Man ...

By Aprille

I find that men eat up just about any type of compliment you can give them. It’s almost as if they live for compliments. The 8 ways to compliment a man that I’ve mentioned below might work on your guy. It never hurts to try and see what type of response you get. Feel free to comment on these, pass them on to friends, or add your own!

8 Praise Him on a Current Achievement

Guys like to be told that they’ve done a good job on something. Maybe he got a promotion at work and needs a little pat on the back. If there is something that he has been working hard towards for a long time, then let him know you’ve noticed all the effort he’s put into it. Completing a fitness program or a marathon that he’s been training for is also reason to offer him a bit of praise.

7 Acknowledge His Gaming Skills

If you live with guys who play video games, then you know how excited they get when they reach a new level. They also get wound up about new characters and finding a stash of something valuable that gives them more power in the game. Congratulate him on his exceptional gaming skills. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that you’ve noticed what a master of the game controller he is.


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6 Voice Your Appreciation for Things He Does

Even the little things around the house shouldn’t go unmentioned. Women tend to notice when something has been moved, painted, fixed, adjusted, or altered in any form or fashion. Let your man know that you appreciate what he has done around the house. If you wait too long, he’ll probably point it out to you. He’ll still relish the compliment, but it will mean a lot more if you can give the compliment before your guy points out exactly what he’s done for you.

5 Ask Him to Help You out with Something

Guys like to feel needed and they really enjoy it when you ask them for help. For example, if you can’t reach the top shelf in the kitchen and you have a bowl that needs to be placed on this shelf, ask your guy to assist you. Another idea would be to ask for help carrying something or even his opinion on hanging a picture. Asking your man for help isn’t a sign of weakness on your part. Just think of it as a good way to boost your man’s ego.

4 Show Sincerity when Listening to What He Has to Say

It’s often a rare occasion for guys to become incessantly chatty. However, there are times when your man has something that he feels is very important. You might not agree on the level of importance, but listening to what he has to say is a great way to compliment him. Being sincere about listening is often hard to do when you aren’t really interested in what he’s talking about. You might not share his excitement on the new game that just came out for his favorite gaming system. Try to humor him and hear him out, at least once.

3 Flatter Him

There’s no such thing as excessive compliments to most guys. Like I said, they eat them up! Flattery will probably get you very far. As long as you aren’t tossing in a bunch of sarcasm with your flattering remarks, your guy will probably appreciate them immensely. If you suddenly start complimenting him like crazy, he might think something is up. Try a little bit of flattery from time to time and keep it random.

2 Laugh at His Jokes

Guys enjoy hanging around people who laugh at their jokes and various antics, no matter how silly they are. The harder a person laughs; the more a guy will try to please that person by telling more jokes. A polite chuckle will suffice if you can’t quite pull off a hearty chuckle. Laughing will not only make your man feel better about himself, but it will also make you happier as well.

1 Admire His Physical Appearance

It isn’t only women who like to be complimented on how they look. Guys sometimes wonder if they look nice in their new outfit or if their hair is just right. Granted, some guys are a bit more concerned than others about their clothes and hair. Giving your guy compliments on his hair and clothing is one thing. If he works out at the gym as well, then be sure to throw in some compliments on his nice muscle definition as well.

I’ve found most of these to work for a wide range of guys. I hope some of these 8 ways to compliment a man work well for you too. I know I’m always interested in finding new methods of doing things. Learning new ways to compliment my man is always helpful. What are some ways that you issue compliments to your guy? Do they all tend to be compliments for the same types of things?

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