10 Ways to Have Fun with Him ...


10 Ways to Have Fun with Him ...
10 Ways to Have Fun with Him ...

Together, the two of you are never going to get bored, as long as you continue having fun together. Right now, I am going to help you out and give you 10 ways to have fun with him.

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Go on a Road Trip

I believe it is always fun to go on a road trip with the guy you are in love with. It’s always fun to travel in a car with your lover next to you. There are a lot of sweet conversations that happen in the front seat of a vehicle.


Play a Game Together

Playing a game together is a great idea. It is going to unleash that childish spirit in you. This is something that my husband and I enjoy doing together.


Make Music Together

If the two of you have a love for music, then you should try making some music together. You should not be shy while you are doing this.


Play Tennis Together

I always liked to play tennis together and surely, if your man is into tennis, he will enjoy having you on the other side of the court. Together, the two of you can have a nice battle in a game of tennis. Surely, there is going to be a lot of laughter during this time.


Walk the Dog

Walking the dog in the park is a great way to have fun and I know that many of you are going to agree with me on this one.


Do a Crossword Puzzle Together

Even if the two of you have never done a crossword puzzle before, I believe it is time for you to start. Online, you can print out some fun crossword puzzles. For example, I am into World of Warcraft, so I can logon and print out a cool World of Warcraft crossword puzzle that my husband and I could do together.


Go for a Swim with Him

Swimming is always a lot of fun. Here in Florida, there are so many fun swimming holes to go in. If you do not feel safe going in just any creek or lake, then you can easily go to a pool. You may even consider setting up your own pool at home.


Ride Horses Together

Riding horses together is always romantic. I believe this would be a fun activity for the two of you to do together.


Go to an Amusement Park

An amusement park sounds like a good adventure. One of my favourite amusement parks is Disney World. If you have children, then make sure you take them with you. I believe kids make the adventure even more fun.


Play between the Sheets

Who says that you cannot have fun between the sheets? You know what I mean by this! There are lots of fun things to do between the sheets.

There you have 10 ways to have fun with him. There are so many other things out there the two of you can do together that is fun. What are some fun things on your list?

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these all sound fun!

Find a hobby together :)

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