7 Ways to Impress Your Man ...


He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. How do you keep your man interested and impressed with everything you do. How about 7 quick tips to keep your honey on his toes?

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Make Yourself Beautiful

Make Yourself Beautiful Photo Credit: Jeniee

Don’t walk around in his presence with rollers in your hair, mud masks on your face, and baggy t-shirts spotted with stains. Be beautiful! Wear something nice. Brush your hair and of course, don't forget aflirty perfume. Especially when he comes home from work! Make a good impression and he’ll keep coming home from work, just to see you, and not the boys, or ladies, from work!


Wear Sexy Lingerie

Wear Sexy Lingerie Photo Credit: XanderPhotography

Buy and wear sexy lingerie every day... you'll feel sexier, and he'll love how the sexy lingerie looks on you (or the other way around) ... enough said!


Send Sexy Love Notes…

Send Sexy Love Notes… Photo Credit: NKPhillips

Leave cute and naughtylove notes in his lunch, briefcase, toolbox, glove box, slip one in the book he’s reading. Tell him how much you love him, need him, want him…


Try a New Look

Try a New Look Photo Credit: nicky.reynolds

Visit a beauty salon and have a makeover. You might want to try a new hair color, or maybe just a new haircut. Ooo la la!


Give Him a Back Rub

Give Him a Back Rub Photo Credit: newskin4life

I know, you would really enjoya massage yourself, but if you impress him with your fingers, he’ll impress you right back! Make sure you're not doing it too hard or too soft...


Hold His Hand out in Public

Hold His Hand out in Public Photo Credit: Aaɾon

Wrap your arm around his waist, or rest your hand on his butt. He’ll be impressed!


Brag about His Big Muscles…

Brag about His Big Muscles… Photo Credit: uk_arms

Brag about his muscles and about how strong he is. Do it in private. Do it in public. Watch him smile. Men need an ego massage once in a while, so why not be the one to do it?

How do you impress your guy? What do you do that makes him stay, and stay in love? Let me know, and I’ll add it to my list!

Top Photo Credit: Aaɾon

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Cuddles and snuggles are always good to, my fiancee isn't one for showing his emotions, but he does when I cuddle and snuggle up to him. I make him feel appreciated and wanted. We talk. I used to wear alot of make-up when we first started seeing each other, now its very rare, but when I put it on in a blue moon he stands and watches me with a smile and the look of lust in his eyes.

You will never believe what happened at swimming sports the boy I liked was ready to begin the long long swim and I looked at him and smiled.Of course! He smiled back but he missed the bang and nearly got disqualified .Now I don't know why but he made me smile :)

I think that u shuld just be urself n not try to change ur apearence

i'ld tell you what would impress a guy, umm. SEX?!

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