5 Top Tips on Dressing to Meet His Parents ...


5 Top Tips on Dressing to Meet His Parents ...
5 Top Tips on Dressing to Meet His Parents ...

There aren’t many things scarier than meeting a new boyfriends parents.

However, with the** **right attitude and outfit, you are very likely to win his parents over. Just follow these 5 tips and before you know it, they will be joining your fan club!

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Don’t Ask Him ...

Men have no interest in fashion, and won’t understand what the fuss is about. He’s not being unhelpful, he simply believes that if he likes you his parents will too. Whatever he says, put an effort in to getting it right.

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No Low Cut Shirts, Miniskirts or Fish Nets ...

Remember that he is still their little boy, and they want to see that you can look after him and make him happy. So while dressing like a stripper might make him happy, it’s probably best to save that until after and dress a bit conservatively.

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Opting for attire that is classy and tasteful is the way to go. Think of a charming blouse paired with a knee-length skirt or slacks. Definitely steer clear of anything that spells out provocative. You want to present yourself as someone who respects herself and the occasion. It's all about first impressions, and you're aiming for appreciative nods, not raised eyebrows. Remember, elegance never fails to leave a lasting impression.


Go for Knee Length ...

Knee length skirts always look classy, and can be teamed with a cami, a T- shirt or a jumper to make a casual yet very elegant look. Wide legged pants are also very flattering and parent friendly.

Wear nice underwear, for confidence, and comfortable shoes. Remember that there is nothing wrong with showing your figure, but you aren’t on the pull!


Show Some Personality ...

Pick your accessories carefully, to show hints of what you are like. A conservative outfit allows you to make an impact with everything else, so pick carefully. If you have an unusual bag, take it. It’ll be a good talking point should you need one, and it’ll highlight your style.

I chose a black knee length skirt, and a white T-shirt. I curled my hair a little, and wore simple yet fascinating jewellery. Me and my boyfriend are still together, and his parents later confided that as soon as they saw me they knew that they’d like me.

So, use your outfit to show off what you are like.

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Brush up ...

Wash your hair, tidy your nails and use a natural make up look. These things are common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people forget. Look presentable, and you will make a good impression.

And the last, but not least, remember, although it’s important to make an effort, if you make their son happy, it will show, and most families will welcome you for that alone.

So, pick an outfit, give yourself enough time to pamper yourself, and you’ll do fantastic!

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If you’ve got more tips for meeting the parents, or a funny story to tell, leave a comment. It’s great hearing from you!

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well im really scared of meeting my guys parents. I have never really done that type of thing before, because well my ex's family never really cared. But this one is gettn serious, well i meet his aunt along time ago but i dont think she rembers me lol well i was dating my current guys cuz.. tht did not workd out too great. but i meet her over the phone recently and i think i made a good impression she said i sounded pretty cool. well.. she invited me to come to the next family get together.. im scared. help O.O what do i do how do i act? how do i calm my nerves?

So I'm 16 and I've met his parents before... Just a quick chat though...he asked me to go to his sisters musical this weekend and a lot of his family will be there... And I have no idea what to wear! It's gonna be about 50 degrees btw :)

I saw skirts are OK! As long as its classy not trashy! But low cut tops not the best try button ups..But still cute for when you leave...Black is the best color.

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