7 Ways to Impress Your Mother-in-Law ...


7 Ways to Impress Your Mother-in-Law ...
7 Ways to Impress Your Mother-in-Law ...

I think mother-in-laws get a bad rap. Not all of them are wicked, sinister, controlling, and mean… I’m sure they can also be sweet, kind, and friendly… not sure how to win over your own MIL? Here are 7 ways to impress your mother-in-law…

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Ask for a Recipe

Ask for a Recipe Photo Credit: theladymargaret

Chances are, your husband fondly recalls at least one dish or dessert his mother used to make, whether it’s her lasagna or her apple pie or her potato salad. Don’t bother to try and make it the way YOU make it… instead, impress and flatter your mother-in-law by asking her for her recipe, or better yet, ask her to show you how to make it! It’s a win-win — you get to learn to make a dish your husband loves, and your MIL feels important and appreciated, and gets to remember her son as a little guy, digging in to his favorite meal.


Keep a Tidy House

Keep a Tidy House Photo Credit: joey_joey_joey

Even if your mother-in-law is a complete slob when it comes to her own housekeeping, she’ll never forgive you if your house is anything less than tidy. Hopefully, she won’t be the type to run a white-gloved finger along your mantle to look for dust… but when you know she’s coming b, make sure your house is neat and clean, no matter how much you hate housekeeping.


Admire Her

Did your mother-in-law just get a new haircut, kitty cat, dress, or rug? Notice these things, and be sure to comment on them. Make a sincere comment, too, because she’ll know if you’re not being genuine.


Going beyond superficial compliments, take an interest in her interests. If she’s taken up gardening, ask about her favorite plants or offer to help her with weeding. When she mentions a book she’s reading, engage in a discussion about it, or if she’s into cooking, compliment her on a dish she’s prepared and ask for the recipe. This level of attention shows that you value what’s important to her, and it will resonate on a deeper level, helping to create a stronger, more personal connection.


Ask to See Photos

Come on, admit it. You’re curious to see what your husband looked like when he was a baby, and in kindergarten, grammar school, and junior high. Ask your mother-in-law to see photos, and she’ll be delighted to spend an hour going through his baby book and school photos with you.


Seeing those old photos won’t just give you a glimpse into his early style choices (or lack thereof), but it’s a fantastic avenue to hear stories and share laughter. And trust us, every mother adores reminiscing about their child's milestones and quirky moments. Plus, it's not just about making a great impression; it’s also about connecting on a personal level. By showing genuine interest in your husband’s past, you’re signaling to your mother-in-law that you cherish where he comes from. And who knows? You might just find that his adorable toddler grin is the same one that melts your heart today.


Invite Her over

Invite Her over Photo Credit: Jasmine Sien

Most likely, your mother-in-law WANTS to like you, if for no other reason than to brag to her bridge club about what a sweet girl you are. Give her every reason to like you by extending an olive branch and asking her over. If you only invite her for family events, where the whole family is invited, she’ll feel pushed out. Invite her for dinner, lunch, or shopping when no-one else is with you… spend some time with her!


Creating a warm and personal connection is crucial. Show genuine interest in her life, perhaps by preparing her favorite meal or engaging in activities she enjoys. Remember, the little details matter; setting a beautiful table or a heartfelt compliment about something she's proud of can go a long way. By making her feel special and valued, you're not just winning her over, but you're also building a relationship that has the potential to enrich your family. Always listen with empathy and be open to her advice, even if you don't always take it; it's the thought and respect that count.


Ask Her Advice

Ask Her Advice Photo Credit: *midtownsky*

Every mother-in-law, in fact, every woman, likes to be asked her opinion. On everything, from child-rearing to cooking to stain removal to which shoes look best with your LBD. Ask your mother-in-law for advice, and take her suggestions and opinions seriously. This will show her you respect her… which she’ll love.


Seeking your mother-in-law's guidance suggests that you value her wisdom and experience, which can be quite flattering. Take the opportunity to engage her in deep conversations, particularly in areas where she excels. Listen attentively, and even if you don't follow through with every piece of advice, acknowledge her input. This thoughtful exchange nurtures mutual respect and can pave the way for a more harmonious relationship. Remember that it’s not just about making idle conversation; it’s about forging a genuine connection that's built on trust and appreciation.


Treat Her Son Well

Treat Her Son Well Photo Credit: califree

The most important thing you can do to impress your mother-in-law is to treat her son well. Every mother wants her son to have a lovely, faithful, devoted wife… so if you’re all of those things, she’ll be sure to adore you!

Most mother-in-laws are just afraid of losing their sweet little son, and want the best for them… and you’re so wonderful, if you follow these tips, she’s sure to love you! What’s your relationship with your mother-in-law like? How did you impress her? Please let me know!

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Nice post...........Show her genuine love and respect.

My mother in law told my bf that there's nothing about me to like. He defended me but she still not seeing me the way i want her to. She blatantly disrespected everything about me but my bf and i came to a conclusion. We know she had a hard time with her MIL so we think she's lashing out all her bad memories unto me. HELP ME to find a way to shut her up with her disrespect!!

me and my boyfriend are really planning to tell about our relationship to our parents and the one we are really feel nervous about is his mother she has seen me just once and it was wasnt so pleasant as she aint noticed me much anyway i am really scared of her i feel she is just going to reject me! what shall i do! :(

nice advice, i will work on that to impress my future mil :)

my elder brother married two years ago, but still now his wife not behaving us as a familiar.. she jellos when our family member talk with my elder brother...so tell me how can it handle

It makes so much of a difference though when you start your relationship with a mil who is neutral about her opinion of you rather than one who dislikes you. There are many reasons why she might dislike you, your jog, racism, classism, an unwillingness to let her son grow up and 'not need her anymore'. It was quite painful when an ex of mine's mother refused to meet me after her son and I had gone out for over a year and once called me "the flavour of the week" (the ex told me).

hi i m richa m just getting married this year my only worry is my future sister in law dat is my fiancees brother wife. she is very clever.plz help me how i should adjust knowing that my mother in law takes her side in every issue a lot

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