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7 Ways to Impress Your Mother-in-Law ...

By Jennifer

I think mother-in-laws get a bad rap. Not all of them are wicked, sinister, controlling, and mean… I’m sure they can also be sweet, kind, and friendly… not sure how to win over your own MIL? Here are 7 ways to impress your mother-in-law…

1 Ask for a Recipe

Ask for a RecipePhoto Credit: theladymargaret

Chances are, your husband fondly recalls at least one dish or dessert his mother used to make, whether it’s her lasagna or her apple pie or her potato salad. Don’t bother to try and make it the way YOU make it… instead, impress and flatter your mother-in-law by asking her for her recipe, or better yet, ask her to show you how to make it! It’s a win-win — you get to learn to make a dish your husband loves, and your MIL feels important and appreciated, and gets to remember her son as a little guy, digging in to his favorite meal.

2 Keep a Tidy House

Keep a Tidy HousePhoto Credit: joey_joey_joey

Even if your mother-in-law is a complete slob when it comes to her own housekeeping, she’ll never forgive you if your house is anything less than tidy. Hopefully, she won’t be the type to run a white-gloved finger along your mantle to look for dust… but when you know she’s coming b, make sure your house is neat and clean, no matter how much you hate housekeeping.


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3 Admire Her

Did your mother-in-law just get a new haircut, kitty cat, dress, or rug? Notice these things, and be sure to comment on them. Make a sincere comment, too, because she’ll know if you’re not being genuine.

4 Ask to See Photos

Come on, admit it. You’re curious to see what your husband looked like when he was a baby, and in kindergarten, grammar school, and junior high. Ask your mother-in-law to see photos, and she’ll be delighted to spend an hour going through his baby book and school photos with you.

5 Invite Her over

Invite Her overPhoto Credit: Jasmine Sien

Most likely, your mother-in-law WANTS to like you, if for no other reason than to brag to her bridge club about what a sweet girl you are. Give her every reason to like you by extending an olive branch and asking her over. If you only invite her for family events, where the whole family is invited, she’ll feel pushed out. Invite her for dinner, lunch, or shopping when no-one else is with you… spend some time with her!

6 Ask Her Advice

Ask Her AdvicePhoto Credit: *midtownsky*

Every mother-in-law, in fact, every woman, likes to be asked her opinion. On everything, from child-rearing to cooking to stain removal to which shoes look best with your LBD. Ask your mother-in-law for advice, and take her suggestions and opinions seriously. This will show her you respect her… which she’ll love.

7 Treat Her Son Well

Treat Her Son WellPhoto Credit: califree

The most important thing you can do to impress your mother-in-law is to treat her son well. Every mother wants her son to have a lovely, faithful, devoted wife… so if you’re all of those things, she’ll be sure to adore you!

Most mother-in-laws are just afraid of losing their sweet little son, and want the best for them… and you’re so wonderful, if you follow these tips, she’s sure to love you! What’s your relationship with your mother-in-law like? How did you impress her? Please let me know!

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