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Sometimes, you just don't get on with a person. You might be in a fight, you might have bad past history, or you might simply not like each other. It happens. However, it also happens that you are unable to get along with someone you have to interact with a lot. A colleague, a family member, the friend of a friend, an in-law. You have to cope with these people even through tense times, and here are some ways you can do that.

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Sometimes, you just have to really listen to the person with whom you aren't getting along. It might be simply a matter of understanding where they are coming from and how they feel. However, you have every right to ask for the same respect.


Think before You Speak

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I admit, I have a tendency to shoot off at the mouth when someone I don't get along with gets me to a certain point. You just have to realize that no one can push you to a point if you aren't willing to go, and stopping to think can help put on the brakes. Nine times out of ten, after all, you'll wind up regretting what you've said.


Do You

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Sometimes, people just do not get along. Even if you want to ease the situation, never stop being yourself. Even if that means you cannot make amends, for whatever reason, there is no reason to change yourself to make someone like you. That being said, if there are things you can improve, such as the ways that you cope, that can be extremely beneficial.


Choose Your Battles

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I don't know about you, but when I am having issues with someone, I jump at just about any reason to have an argument and widen the gasp between us. I know, seriously, it's an awful trait, and I am working to improve it. Sometimes it's better if you just agree to disagree – but try to mean it if you say it.


Be Empathetic

Be Empathetic Photo Credit: Gabriel-H-Miller

Sometimes the best thing you can do is put yourself in someone else's shoes. Ideally they will do the same thing, but even if they don't, you can learn enough to help you cope with the situation. Just try to see things from one another's perspectives.


Know What Bothers You

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Certain aspects and traits bother different people. You might dislike an attitude or a habit. Whatever the case, you should know what makes you angry, sad, troubled, or irritated. You may be able to steer clear of people who exhibit those traits or, if that is not possible, you can learn precisely what you need to do for yourself to cope.


Be Civil, Respectful, and Polite

Be Civil, Respectful, and Polite Photo Credit: A.A.A

Showing civility, having respect, and being polite are three vital things in a tense situation. You do not have to like someone, agree with someone, or even want to be friends with someone in order to be respectful. Remember, civility, respect, and politeness will at least make that part of your life go smoothly.

There are also things you can do to soothe your anger or irritation in tense situations. They will help you just accept situations you can't control. Does anyone have any tips?

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