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7 Ways to Deal with a Grumpy Person ...

By Talynn

Everyone has that one person that they have to deal with on a regular basis that is just plain grumpy - the grouch of all grouches! Whether this grump is your boss, your spouse, your grandma or your teenage son, here are some tips to gently melt their grumps away!

1 Be Alert to Their Triggers

Pay attention to the things that trigger their grouchy spells. Do they hate crowds? Dislike noise? Do your best to "nip it in the bud" so to speak. Steer clear of situations that make them grouchy. Answer the phone before your hubby has a chance to rant over telemarketers. If you have to, break your teenager's speakers to keep the noise down. And do all this with the right attitude - that's the key - but more on that later.

2 Don't Let Their Grouchiness Affect You

If you respond to their grouches with grumps of your own, you only worsen the situation. To every grouchy statement that is said, respond with something positive. It never helps to give back what they are dishing out.

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3 Have a Sense of Humor

Sometimes, you can diffuse a grouchy situation by responding with humor. Just don't do this if it can ignite something against you. You don't want to come across as sassy or a smart alleck.

4 Touch!

Touch is one of the number one ways to calm a baby, or a small child. So why shouldn't it work to calm a grouchy hubby or grandma? Give em' a hug or a shoulder squeeze and see what magic happens?

5 Talk

Sometimes, a grumpy just needs someone to talk to - someone to share the burdens that are making them sad or angry. Having a listening ear to their problems may help to lighten thier mood and make for a better day for everyone.

6 Watch a Funny Movie

Laughter is the best medicine for all sorts of illnesses and moods! Laugh the grumps away! If your hubby comes home in a terrible mood, or you child had a terrible day at school, treat them to the funniest movie you have. They need a few laughs. So try to be understanding of their bad day and work on soothing the blues away.

7 When All else Fails, Ignore Them!

Sometimes, you can't win for losing. No matter what you do or say, some people are going to hold onto their grouches. If this is the case, just ignore them. Act as if they don't exist. At least you'll be in a better mood!

Sometimes grumpy people have a reason for being grumpy! But maybe they are just grumpy all the time. If that is the case, how do you attempt to make them smile?

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