7 Ways to Deal with a Grumpy Person ...


Everyone has that one person that they have to deal with on a regular basis that is just plain grumpy - the grouch of all grouches! Whether this grump is your boss, your spouse, your grandma or your teenage son, here are some tips to gently melt their grumps away!

1. Be Alert to Their Triggers

Pay attention to the things that trigger their grouchy spells. Do they hate crowds? Dislike noise? Do your best to "nip it in the bud" so to speak. Steer clear of situations that make them grouchy. Answer the phone before your hubby has a chance to rant over telemarketers. If you have to, break your teenager's speakers to keep the noise down. And do all this with the right attitude - that's the key - but more on that later.

Don't Let Their Grouchiness Affect You
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