7 Ways to Be Nice to Your Maid ...


7 Ways to Be Nice to Your Maid ...
7 Ways to Be Nice to Your Maid ...

If you have a maid, it is important to look at her as someone who supports you in your daily chores that you don’t want to or are unable to do. Just because you consider the job she does to be menial does not mean that she does not deserve your respect and consideration. Here are some ways to be nice to your maid.

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Treat Her with Respect

This is the most important of all ways to be nice to your maid. Your maid is also a human being and deserves all the respect, civility and consideration that you have for others of your own standard. Just because she is poorer than you does not mean that she can be disrespected.


Trust Your Maid’s Ability

It is important that you are willing to trust your maid to do her job well. First display your trust and then bring up issues if you have any. Do not start by showing distrust for your maid’s ability.


Trust Your Maid’s Honor

Just because someone is poor does not mean that they will cheat or steal. While it is important to be on your guard, it is also important to display trust. If you have reasons to distrust your new maid, do not keep her. But, if you have no reasons to believe that she is dishonest, be willing to trust her.


Manage Your Tone

This is one of the important ways to be nice to your maid. Be friendly in your tone when you speak to her. There is no reason to be unnecessarily commanding, mean or rude. Even if you are not completely satisfied, there are ways of resolving the issue without being demeaning to her.


Be Considerate towards Her

Your maid is also a human being. Be considerate in what you ask her to do and the amount of work you give her. Just because you are paying her a salary does not make her your slave. Ensure that what you ask her to do is within her means to accomplish.


Be Compassionate towards Her

Like all human beings, you maid will also face overwhelming situations in life like serious illnesses in the family, deaths, etc. On the other hand, there will also be joyous occasions like weddings, births, anniversaries, etc. Ensure that she is given time and freedom to fully participate in her life when she is employed under you.


Show Her Your Appreciation

This is perhaps the best of all ways to be nice to your maid. Let your maid know that you appreciate everything that she does for you. You can do this by giving her a gift or a bonus on her birthday, her wedding day or when you need more help from her than usual.

Your maid can be a big support for you in your life. Use these ways to be nice to your maid and treat her with respect, trust and appreciation. You will be surprised at how much difference it makes to her.

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