7 Easy Ways to Say "I Forgive" ...


7 Easy Ways to Say "I Forgive" ...
7 Easy Ways to Say "I Forgive" ...

In some ways it seems harder to say, "I'm sorry" than it does to truly mean "I forgive". Then again, I don't know. Forgiveness is hard sometimes. There are things that seem almost unthinkable to be able to forgive someone for. And yet, we can if we try hard enough! When you're ready to say, "I forgive you" and mean it, here are some ideas on how to go about that.

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Write a Letter

Many times, it's easier to get out everything we need and want to say when we write it down. So, grab a sheet of paper, and get to writing. Explain to this person in need of forgiveness that you were truly hurt and offended by what they done, but you have accepted their apology and forgive them. Don't forget to tell them in this letter how much you love them and are thankful they're in your life!



I have been in situations where I've offended someone and asked forgiveness. In some of these instances, I was immediately met with an "I forgive you" response, but somehow knew they really didn't mean it. On other occasions, after telling them I was sorry, I was only met with a smile, and that was enough - I knew I had been forgiven. It's not always in the words we say, but in how we conduct ourselves - a smile may be all they need to know we love and forgive them.


Send an Email

Even if it's your spouse, go to Hallmark.com and grab a free e-card. Add a personal message saying all is forgiven. Simple, right? Hoops and Yoyo is sure to make them happy!


I Forgive Gift

It's a well-known idea to get an "I'm Sorry" gift, but what about an "I forgive" gift? That'd be nice too, right? Why not really mix things up and send a bouquet with a card that says, "I forgive you, all is well"?



Nothing more simple and equally rewarding than a good kiss to say "You're forgiven" Next time your darling husband comes in looking most pitiful for hesitating when you asked him if that dress made your butt look big, grab him passionately and kiss him like crazy! Let him know that he should be thankful your butt is just the way it is, cause' boy, you sure know how to use it to get his attention!


Offer to Help

Offer to do something of service to someone who has asked for your forgiveness. When you say, "I forgive you", offer to help them with a task, or to take them out to eat to show them that all is forgiven and under the bridge.


Just Say It

That is right. As hard as it may be, especially when they have not asked for it, just tell them so. Say I forgive you, and then do. Even if they are not worthy! Why hold a grudge and ruin your attitude. Unless it is just something you CAN NOT get over, forgive and go on with your life.

Forgiving someone for things that hurt you is not easy to do sometimes. Have you thought of an easier way to say it?

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I think just saying it is the best

Smile..."Its ok".

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