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When you think about it, there are lots of ways to fool people. Think about it: so maybe you DON'T have the nicest car or the biggest paycheck or the sexiest clothes out of all your friends. There's nothing wrong with that! But there are ways to fooling people into thinking you have it all! And without lying to them! Skeptical? Why don't you keep reading my article on ways to fool people and find out! Turns out, trickery and deceit can do you some favors! Ok, so it's not all trickery and deceit. But by knowing just what to say or do or how to behave in a certain situation, you can take the spotlight and make the light show whatever you want to be seen and disguise what you'd prefer remain hidden. Is your curiosity piqued? Well, keep on reading!

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Remembering Faces

So you are at a party and this girl approaches you! She obviously remembers you from somewhere, but you have no clue who she is. No need to panic! You can fool her into thinking you remember her! First, relax your face and smile. You don't want a big question mark plastered on your face! Then ask her what's new with her. Her chatter might offer up clues as to who she is. While she carries on, try and pull another friend into the conversation. Say something like "Have you two met before?" Your mystery friend will offer up her name!


Liking People You Really Hate

We all have one or two people we just can't stand. And who cares what the reason is! But the truth is, they never have to know you can't stand them! Here's a way to fool people into thinking you love them! Smile at them right away. It will put you both at ease. Next, remember to keep your arms open and uncrossed. Lean forward a little bit when you talk. This makes you seem approachable and friendly. As you're wrapping up your little chat, be sure and say something friendly to leave on a good note!


Having a Fabulous Job

Nobody has to know that you hate your job and your boss is a jerk. If your ex's new girlfriend starts bragging that she works for the FBI or something, all you need to do is feel equally proud of your job. You don't even need to mention your exact job title! Just say, "I work for ****_ company. It's a great job and I am so happy to have it!" Try and look animated when you talk, and as soon as you leave the party, start looking for a new job (hey, you deserve to REALLY love your job!).


Knowing What's Hot

So maybe you don't keep up with all the latest celebrity talk and which country is bombing which these days. Hey, there can be some scary stuff on the news! And what's not scary is usually dumb or sad and you don't need to feel obligated to waste your time and emotions to hear about it. But there is a way to fool people into thinking that you do! Remain calm and keep eye contact. Make statements like "Wow," or "I know, I can't believe it." Ask the other person, "What's your take on that?" Chances are, they will be so busy talking about their views they will forget to ask for yours!


Wearing Expensive Clothes

You don't need to spend a ton of money on clothes to make it look like you do. There are ways to fool people into thinking you spend a lot of hard-earned $$$ on your wardrobe! Here's how: Shop at places like Nordstrom Rack, Ross, and TJ Maxx for designer clothes at a fraction of the price. Check online at eBay or in local thrift stores for real vintage pieces that you can mix and match. Do spend your money on basics, like good fit jeans, a white blouse, a black pencil skirt and tank tops to jazz up outfits. Skip buying knock off handbags and spend your money on a nice, non-label bag. It's easy for people who have the real brand name to spot a fake one.


Having Good Listening Skills

If the person you are talking to is boring you to death, and there's juicy gossip going on in the cubicle next to you that you would love to be eavesdropping in on, don't panic! Here's a way to fool anyone into thinking that you are listening to them, while really you are eavesdropping on the conversation next to you! Ask the person who is carrying on a question that will require a long answer such as "How did you and your spouse meet?" While she launches into that story, you can check out and start listening to the conversation next door. Just be careful to mirror her facial expressions, which will give the idea that you are listening. Have a few vague answers on hand to reply with, such as "Fascinating!" or "Awesomely cool."


Stealing the Karaoke Spotlight

Maybe you don't sing very well. Maybe you only sing in the shower! But you still get invited to a karaoke party and you don't want to refuse. Well, you don't have to! These tips will make you good enough to wow everyone, including yourself! First, talk quietly before you get up to sing. You don't want to strip your voice out by yelling beforehand! Second, pick the right song. Opt for a song by Colbie Caillat, Miranda Lambert or Rihanna since they have lower key voices. And don't keep the mic all the way up to your mouth on super high notes! Pulling it away muffles your "screech" a little bit.

See there? It's not necessary to lie in order to fool people! But you can get away with making it seem as though you have it all! Do you have any of your own unique ways to fool people? Please comment below and let us know! I'd love to hear from you!

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Hey it should be "fool" and not "full" in the very 1st sentence. I liked this post....but i am really bad at pretending when i actually cant remember someone......and i really wish i could sing...even in bathroom when i sing i almost scare away my soaps and shampoos. :P

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