7 Creative Ways to Communicate with a Pen Friend ...


7 Creative Ways to Communicate with a Pen Friend ...
7 Creative Ways to Communicate with a Pen Friend ...

Historically pen friends communicated with each other via post and you could expect a note perhaps once a month because that’s how long it took for letters to reach particularly if the pen friend was overseas. Today with the advances in technology there are different ways to communicate with a pen friend, which are more real time and definitely more frequent than once a month. Here are 7 ways to communicate with a pen friend.

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Writing Letters

The term ‘pen friend’ was devised as the mode of correspondence was via the pen. Writing letters continues to be an option while communicating with a pen friend however you can consider different delivery options for your letters. You can send it by high-speed mail or courier so that it reaches the recipient sooner than the regular post. You can also fax it across to your pen friend.


Sending Video-grams

Today any new laptop comes with a webcam so literally anyone can create video-grams at the drop of a hat. Just sit in front of your computer and say your piece. It is easy to send too, via the Internet. Your message will reach your pen friend in seconds, a far cry from the usual time delay of one month.


Chatting on Social Networks

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks, there is one more alternative for communicating with your pen friend. You can either send messages to each other using the social media or use the inbuilt chat facility to talk with each other real time.


Talking over Internet Calls

The Internet has made things far simpler and cheaper than ever before. A number of chat engines also offer calling facility. If your computer has an inbuilt michrophone and speaker system, then all you have to do is log on to your favorite chat engine and make a call to your pen friend. You both can talk to each other as if you were on the phone.


Texting via Mobile Phones

A less popular approach but plausible nonetheless is texting via mobile phones. There is a cost involved and it is not easy typing large amounts of texts on a mobile phone. However it does provide for quick messages if you need to send one to your pen friend.



Emailing is perhaps the simplest way to communicate with your pen friend. Almost everyone has an email address so in all probability, your pen friend does as well. Your messages can be as lengthy or short as you want without the hazard of mobile texting. The delivery is completely free of cost and the recipient will receive it instantaneously.


Sending Postcards

A less modern approach to communicate with your pen friend is to send a post card. Your messages will be short but at least you will be sharing pictorial representations of the place you are in, something she or he will surely enjoy.

Along with the accessibility and convenience that the Internet provides for communicating with pen friends, comes a certain amount of risk. It is important to take adequate precautions before providing personal information to any stranger over the Internet.

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I have a pen pal in Japan, and we have been pen friends for 42 years. We thought that we might make the Guinness Book of World Record, but I think the record was set at 80 years...

80 years is a long time to be pen pals ...even if we're still around, by that time we'll probably have Alzheimer...lol

Good advice! Thanks.

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