7 Thoughtful Ways to Tell Someone Thank You ...


7 Thoughtful Ways to Tell Someone Thank You ...
7 Thoughtful Ways to Tell Someone Thank You ...

I'm always so thankful for things my husband, kids, and the rest of my family and friends do for me. I've written down 7 ways to say "Thank You", since I know there are definitely a lot more ways than people think. I've listed a few common ways that people tend to use on a daily basis and some not-so-common methods too.

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Write a Note

pink, flower, purple, plant, petal,


Bake a Special Dessert

food, dessert, buttercream, torte, cake,


Do Something Nice

flower arranging, flower, flower bouquet, floristry, plant,


Smile and Wave

clothing, leather, denim, jacket, sleeve,


Offer Dinner

eating, food, meal, lunch, brunch,



red, clothing, flower, organ, petal,


Simply Say It

clothing, supermodel, fashion, leg, model, These 7 ways to say "Thank You" are ones that I've used over the years. Some of them require an appropriate reason to use them, while others can be used in any situation. You'll know when it's correct to bake a dessert and when you can just write a nice note instead. Do you have a special way to say "Thank You" to someone who has done something extra special for you? Do you always remember to say "Thank You"?

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