7 Ways to Show Respect to Others ...


7 Ways to Show Respect to Others ...
7 Ways to Show Respect to Others ...

I have noticed a lot of disrespectful people in this world and that has encouraged me to step out and write this blog. As if it is going to help any, because I know you girls are probably already respectful! I have noticed a lot of sweet comments in my blogs (yes, I read them, but I barely have time to comment, because I am so busy with writing). So, let me start by giving you 7 ways to show respect to others.

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Maintain a Certain Volume in Public

I really do not like having loud disturbances when in a public area – like a restaurant or shopping. I believe you should keep your volume down so that the person that is on the other side of the store does not hear you. If you are talking on your cell phone, then remember everyone around you does not want to hear your conversation. It's disrespectful to be loud and annoying.


Try to Avoid Walking on a Mopped Floor

I have witnessed this way too many times. Just the other day, I saw a guy mop the floor and put a wet floor sign up with an arrow indicating that they need to go around in. The girl came in, didn't even wipe her feet and walked right on the freshly mopped floor. I think this is very rude. So, to show respect, try to avoid walking on that mopped floor. At least, wipe your feet first.


Don't Go in a Store when It's about to Close in 2 Minutes

When a store is about to close at 7pm, don't go in there at 6:55 PM and expect it to stay open just for you. Mind your manners.


Make Eye Contact when They Are Speaking to You

When someone is speaking to you, respect them and make eye contact with them – at least look up at them. Don't ignore them. Unless, of course, they are an ex – I just had to add that in there.


Don't Interrupt when Someone else is Talking

When someone else is talking, don't talk over them and interrupt them. Don't try to rush the conversation along as if you do not care what the other person has to say.

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Don't Skip in Front of Someone at a Line

I always hate this. You should mind your manners when waiting in a line. I can't count how many times I have been standing in a line and someone cuts right in front of me. It's really annoying – like I am in a hurry too, but you don't see me cutting in front of people now do you? No, because I am respectful.


Keep Your Promise

If you really want to be respectful to someone, then you need to keep your promise. Breaking promises is disrespectful.

There you have 7 ways to show respect to others. I believe you should take this blog into consideration. If more people do that, then I think the world would be a bit better. What do you think?

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Number 5 is so true! I worked at a pizza place in high school and we used to have people call five minutes before our closing time and expect us to serve them, even though the usual wait time was twenty minutes. It's incredibly rude!

Oh I hate people that cut lines

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