9 Steps to Mature Behaviour ...


9 Steps to Mature Behaviour ...
9 Steps to Mature Behaviour ...

When times get tough girls, often our impulse is to lash out. In fact, controlling strong emotions can be nearly impossible, especially in situations that seem unfair. But ladies, learning to keep that temper in check is essential. In the real world, tantrums won’t get you very far. Here are some handy hints to help you behave like a grown up …

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It really is a virtue. Try not to get irritated by the shortcomings of others and don’t blow up when people make mistakes. Instead of laying into that guy who was late for work, simply keep your mouth shut, make a mental note and if it becomes a regular thing, go to the boss.


Forgo Immediate Gratification

Try to think long term rather than focusing on what will make you happy this very minute. Instead of spending what’s left of your pay-cheque on another designer dress, put it to one side, invest it and reap the benefits in the future.


Work on the Willpower

Instead of just giving in to every craving and impulse, try to hold back and think about what you’re doing before you go ahead and act. Consider the pros and cons of that pre-dinner tub of Ben and Jerry’s before you dive in …


Be Considerate

Think about other people and try to take their feelings into account. A big part of mature behaviour concerns how you treat those around you, and ladies, real grown ups don’t act hurtfully if they can help it – no matter how often reality TV might tell you otherwise!


Be Decisive

Work on knowing what you want. Instead of um-ing and ah-ing about where to go to college, for example, sit down by yourself and consider the available options. Make a list in order of preference and simply apply. Learning how to beat uncertainty and make firm, sensible decisions is key, ladies, to adult behaviour.


Learn Take Criticism

Rather than lashing out and becoming defensive when people criticise your work, try to respond calmly and with acceptance. Even if you do disagree with comments, thank the critic for their feedback and neutrally assure them you’ve taken their thoughts on board.


Don’t Rise to the Bait

Remember ladies, insult is very different to criticism, but that doesn’t mean you should explode when you feel like you’re under attack. Screaming matches and girl-fights are definitely not on the mature person’s to-do list, so be sure not to make them a feature on yours!


Be Loyal

Don’t gossip about your friends or, worse, your man behind their backs, and when those close to you are in trouble, be supportive and encouraging. Loyalty is about knowing where your commitments lie and refusing to undermine these with petty backstabbing.


Finish What You Start

Make sure you see your projects through to their end, and girls, don’t ever run away from problematic issues in any area of your life. Grown ups have the guts to deal with their mistakes, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable a scenario may seem.

What are your thoughts girls? Do you have any tips on how to behave like a grown up? Share your secrets ladies; we’d love to hear from you …

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Act like a lady, sit like a lady, talk like a lady.

similar to finish what you start, but don't get yourself into something you are too afraid to do.

Be wise with money.

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