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We all have to deal with them one time or another. Whether it be your waitress, the lady in the check out line in front of you or the coach of your son's basketball team, we all run into a few snobs now and then. The problem is, how do you handle the way they treat you? Here are 7 tips for keeping your cool and walking away before you lose it!

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Don’t Spend Unnecessary Time around Them

Don’t Spend Unnecessary Time around Them Photo Credit: Netfalls

Say what you need to say and then get out. There’s no need for you to hang around and give yourself more time to fume and fuss over the snobby way they are treating you. Be cordial and polite, but don’t go out of your way to be around the person or spend extra time with them.


Don’t Try to Compete with a Snob

Don’t Try to Compete with a Snob Photo Credit: Netfalls

Don’t play the “I’m better than you” game with a snobby person. The only reason they start that game is to manipulate you and make you feel inferior. You don’t need to prove that your stuff is nicer than theirs, and you certainly don’t have to prove that you are a better person than they are. Remember actions speak louder than words so if they start up the old “well guess what I’m doing this weekend” try responding with a “oh that sounds nice have fun!” and watch the astonished look on their face!


Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t Take It Personally Photo Credit: clarice_00_

I know, I know. Easier said than done right? I’ve gotten so upsetwith people over the way they treated me! But I came to realize a snob is a snob. They usually treat everybody the same and they believe the world owes them a favor. If you encounter a rude or indifferent person, just chalk it up and go on.Their attitude isn't your problem; so don’t let it ruin your day! It’s not something that you yourself have done, it’s just the other person’s insecurities rising to the top.


Remember, their behavior is a reflection of their own issues, not a verdict on your worth. Breathe in, breathe out, and let it slide off you like water off a duck's back. You have the power to choose your reactions. So next time a snobby person comes along, imagine you're encased in an invisible shield that their negativity can't penetrate. Keep your smile, maintain your grace, and let your confidence be unshaken. After all, someone else's poor attitude should never dictate your happiness. Keep shining and let them deal with their own clouds.


Have a Friendly Attitude

Have a Friendly Attitude Photo Credit: Netfalls

I don’t recommend you trying tomake friendswith a snobby person. It usually doesn’t work and you end up being used or trampled on. However, you can have a friendly attitude towards them. If you lose your temper and scream or yell at this annoying person, you will only succeed in making yourself feel bad. Be the better person and keep yourself in check!


Maintaining a positive demeanor is key when interacting with someone who might seem condescending. Remember, kindness doesn't equate to weakness; rather, it showcases strength and self-control. This isn't about changing their attitude, but about upholding your own standards of conduct. Keep the conversations light and uncontentious. A smile or a polite nod can go a long way and may even disarm their snobbery momentarily. Besides, negativity thrives on confrontation, so by denying it that fuel, you keep the situation from escalating. Stay true to your courteous nature; it's a testament to your character.


Refuse to Be Stepped on

Refuse to Be Stepped on Photo Credit: Michelle Krause

Snobby people will try their hardest to make you feel like a rug for them to step on. Don’t let them get away with that! You can make your point, and be strong and firm without being hateful or ugly. Maintain a friendly disposition while you state your case then simply walk away. Don’t drag it out, but don’t cower down and be a doormat for some overbearing man or woman. Pay special attention to this, especially if you are apeople pleaser.


Standing your ground is essential when interacting with someone who exhibits snobbish behavior. Remember that your self-worth should never be determined by the unfounded opinions of others. It’s important to establish boundaries early and unequivocally. If the individual crosses a line, communicate your discomfort clearly and assertively. Utilize "I" statements to express how their actions affect you, which can avoid escalating confrontations. And most importantly, know when to gracefully exit the conversation or environment—preserving your dignity and emotional well-being is paramount.


Secretly Pity Them

Secretly Pity Them Photo Credit: TON70

Instead of being fuming mad, you should feel sorry for people who have nothing better in life to do than treat people badly. I know, it’s not easy to feel compassionate towards someone you think you’d like to kill in the next 10 minutes, but the truth is, snobby people are shallow and plastic and they have nothing in life to look forward to other than making you feel pitiful all day. Sojust smile to their face while you think deep inside “you poor, poor thing”.


Feeling sorry for the snobs can be unexpectedly empowering. It helps you rise above the negativity and reflects a sense of inner strength. Remember, their snobbery often stems from deep-seated insecurities or a dire need for validation. While it may seem counterintuitive, this approach frees you from the grip of their unpleasant attitude. Let compassion be your shield; it not only protects you but also subtly acknowledges the pitfall of living a life rooted in superficiality. Keep your head high and your heart kind – it's the ultimate win over pettiness.


Display Your Own Confidence

Display Your Own Confidence Photo Credit: Buy Silver Gold

Most people are snobs because deep inside they feel inferior and un-important. Use this to your advantage! Let them see that you are too calm and collected and super confidentto let anyone get the better of you. Don’t be a snob yourself, but have a breezy attitude that says, “I don’t care how you treat me or what you say, you won’t get me down.” You might be surprised by how quickly they back down! If nothing else, at least you will leave feeling good about yourself instead of frustrated and mad.

Dealing with insensitive people can be very frustrating and difficult. But if you follow these tips, you can be the one who walks away with a good attitude and a better person for it. How about you? Do you have any specific ways that you use to deal with snobby people?

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I had no idea what women thought until ive read this post. I guess when men want to get straight to the point without having to wait through emotional tape of unreasonable women We are viewed as snopps, interesting. Makes you wonder whos actually trying to control the situation

I recently had to deal with a snobby person like that, he always embarasses me in front of people making me feel like the fool. This has helped me ALOT in this, Thanks for the suggestions ! :)

I just say to them"I am not deaf I am just ignoring you" and then run to avoid fume.

I really get sick of snobby people but somehow im addicted to be mistreated i have no idea why but i feel like i deserve it and it gives me a reason to be angry inside and at the world...

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