7 Types of Bad Friends and How to Dump Them ...


7 Types of Bad Friends and How to Dump Them ...
7 Types of Bad Friends and How to Dump Them ...

You don’t have to be in junior high or high school to be burned, back-stabbed, or annoyed by a bad friend. It’s sad, but true — bad friends can drain your time, energy, and even your bank account. Who are these bad friends, and how do you spot them? Or, more importantly, how do you get rid of them? Here’s my list of the seven bad friends, and how to dump them…

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The Frenemy

The Frenemy Photo Credit: k-ko

She acts like your friend, but is she really? When she pays you a compliment, there’s always a sting along with it, like “You look great, for someone your size” or “You’re the only one I know who could pull off those ugly shoes with that dress!” If your friend makes you feel bad most of the time, and you know she’s nearly as nice behind your back as she is to your face (which isn’t very nice to start with), then she is probably the dreaded back-stabbing, mean-spirited Frenemy. How do you get rid of her? Stop calling her. Stop taking her calls. Delete her from Facebook, and ignore her pointed questions about why she’s no longer invited to your parties or girls nights out. She already knows why.


When a frenemy subtly undermines your confidence with those half-hearted compliments or passive-aggressive comments, it's a clear red flag. You don't need that negativity disguised as friendship. It's essential to put your well-being first and confront the issue head-on if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, gradually distancing yourself is a healthy option. Surround yourself with genuine friends who uplift you and bring positivity into your life. Your social circle should be a source of support, not stress. Trust your instincts; if someone consistently makes you feel undervalued, it’s time to move on.


The Mooch

The Mooch Photo Credit: aqui-ali

There are times when all of us are a little out of pocket, or when we forget our wallet or debit card. That’s when the good friend we’re out to lunch with, or are shopping with, will come to the rescue. Those of us who aren’t bad friends won’t take advantage, and will always pay back our debt as soon as possible, without having to be asked, and without excuses. If you have a friend that’s constantly asking for a small loan, conveniently forgets it’s her turn to buy the next round of drinks, or shows up to pot-luck parties without a dish to share, then she’s probably a Mooch. This bad friend can drain your pocketbook and your patience. The best way to handle a Mooch is to stop giving her cash, stop paying for her lunch, and stop inviting her to pot-lucks! If she still doesn’t take the hint, then you may have to cut her out of your life entirely.


In dealing with a Mooch, assertiveness is key. Kindly remind them about their unpaid dues and the importance of reciprocation. If they dodge their financial obligations, firmly explain that you can no longer cover for them. It’s essential to set boundaries to prevent misuse of your generosity. If they value your friendship, they'll understand and make amends. However, if they react negatively or continue mooching, it’s a sign to reconsider the relationship. True friends respect each other’s resources and willingly contribute their fair share.


The Negative Nelly

The Negative Nelly Photo Credit: katelyn*

Do you have a friend that’s always complaining, always sick, always tired, always sad? Can she never see the positive in anything? When she calls, do you automatically send her to voicemail because you just don’t want to hear the negativity anymore? Chances are, this friend is a Negative Nelly, and who has room if their life for more negativity? You can be subtle, by combating her negativity with the silver lining, but if that doesn’t work, you may have to tell her to take her gloom and doom somewhere else.


It's draining to be around someone who only focuses on the dark clouds, not the silver linings. With a Negative Nelly, your energy levels can plummet, and your mood can follow. It’s essential for your own well-being to set boundaries. Suggest meeting in uplifting environments or during activities that naturally inspire positivity. If the negativity persists, be honest about how it affects you. Sometimes, a straightforward conversation can be a wake-up call for your friend to seek the help they might need or to reassess their outlook on life.


The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen Photo Credit: Il malmostoso (...acid vampire)

Drama is great on TV and in the movies, but do you really need it in your everyday life? Is it really that dramatic? No, it’s not. But this friend is always playing up the drama, and must be the center of attention. She’s the only person you know who can make someone else’s funeral be about HER. Every story she tells is overly dramatic and she’s just so exhausting! This is the Drama Queen, and the best way to get her to stop is to stop paying attention. If she’s a good friend otherwise, this may be enough. If she just won’t take the hint, then you may have to stop listening altogether, but cutting her out.


The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist Photo Credit: Talia Sara

I sometimes fear that this bad friend might be ME. I have a hard time giving up control, and I strive for perfection. When I’m not able to be as perfect as I’d like, I’m inclined to throw a tantrum. I’m not spoiled, I’m something of a perfectionist, and I’m my own worst critic. If you have a friend like me, then I know we can be stubborn, and it’s hard to give us compliments. Be patient with us! If we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else, then keep us as friends. If we expect perfection from everyone around us, including you, then it may be time to let us go.


The perfectionist might not see their flaws because they're too focused on everyone else's. They're often the ones with impossible standards, and they can unintentionally make you feel like you're never quite good enough. It's vital to remember that it's not your job to meet their unrealistic expectations. Encouragement and support are what friendships should be built on, not relentless critique. If this perfectionism is spilling over into your life and causing distress, it might be time to gently but firmly reroute the boundaries. True friends will understand and respect that everyone is perfectly imperfect.


The Bad Influence

The Bad Influence Photo Credit: Feeling Croppy

She drinks too much, she smokes too much, she sleeps around, she skips school, she sneaks out, she lies or cheats or steals. These things themselves don’t make a bad friend, but if she tries to pressure you into doing the same, she might be a Bad Influence. If you find yourself caving in to join her wicked little schemes, then you may have to abandon her to her own devices. If she only gets you into minor, harmless trouble, then she might actually be fun!


The Thief

The Thief Photo Credit: Toni Blay

Those shoes look awfully familiar, and isn’t that the guy that your mutual friend Amy dumped two weeks ago? This bad friend is the Thief, and she wants whatever you, or her other friends, have. Whether it’s out of jealousy or spite, this friend can’t be happy unless she’s stolen a boyfriend, a nail polish, a haircut, or a handbag from someone she admires. Ditch her the same way you’d ditch the Frenemy — just cut her off and move on!

Hopefully, you don’t have any, or at least many, of these bad friends. Hopefully, you have dozens of good friends, like the Cheer Squad (always in your corner) and the Listener (always there for you). Which of these bad friends have you had? How have you dealt with them? Please let me know!

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I know one of them mooch kinds and it's SO annoying. I mean, it's not like she doesn't make enough money or anything. Secretly, I'm hoping she reads this. You know who you are!

my friend is a little like the ones listed, however I can't get rid of her. for example every time I talk to a guy who I have taken a fancy to she will start talking to them and start advertising me off as some tart that's only after one thing and if I've been out on a date she will want to know every thing that happened I've asked her about this and she uses the same excuse which is- if you was a real friend you would tell me- this honestly makes me feel low and drops my self esteem by miles. its gone from making me feel bad to black mailing me for information about the guy I've been talking to. I've tried to get rid of her before and she freaked out and started sending me weird messages over Facebook. what shall I do?

I have a negative nelly type of friend, and she just wouldn't stop calling me. I've been sending her to voicemail for like a month and she still calls everyday, kinda creepy actually, and it makes me feel that I'm the bad friend. So I eventually picked up her call like yesterday, you know just wanna see if there's anything important she really wants to tell me. But like I thought, there's nothing important, and she just kept sighing and complaining how miserable her life is. Then I told her that I have a really important essay to write so I have to go. I hope she got the hint but she didn't, and again she called me 3 times today. I'm really bad at confronting people so I have no idea what to do. Wish I could just block her number.

In the past I have had to deal with some of these bad friends, however I can relate to the "negative nelly" type and I dont see how this is a bad friend: I mean we are not responsible for all the problems we may have and the least we can expect from our friends is a little support at difficult times. What is the point of having friends if they vanish when you have problems? Besides, being sad doesn't mean you don't care about your friends, and you are going to bore them with your problems all the time: in fact, seeing friends can be a good way to forget problems and talk about anything else!So I think it is not very nice to avoid your friends knowing they are going through a difficult phase

97% of mine is a frenemy and a bad influence.T^T they always lead me to frustration or make my bad mood WORST. i have one who keeps telling me that ill never reach my dream she keeps telling me " so you wanna be a (my dream)? .... WELL NO,you cant even blah blah blah...." she mostly chokes me( there was this one time when i couldn't breath anymore.) or punch me painfully whenever i say she forgot something that i remembered or just say a small joke about her. and the other one who keeps telling me that shes WAY better than me , or say that i look stupid all the time and she ALWAYS change the subject whenever im pissed off by something....and its worst because she always changes the subject to talk about HER. ...i have friends who is really a bad influence. , they thought me how to swear ALOT,watch "skins" , even hate my parents alot and bully other people. :| ( i was the complete opposite before..) i CANT stop being with them because..............if i did , then i dont have anyone to talk to anymore ..well actually i did once .... i kept hanging out with a friend that i trust ... oh gosh..it became HORRIBLE , that frenemy of mine kept telling everyone that IM a " backstabber" .. there was this one time when i REALLY wanted to punch her in the face. ....WHEN THEY HAVE FREAKIN PROBLEMS IM ALWAYS WITH THEM , BUT WHEN IT COMES TO ME ..... oh god... T^T because of them i lost all of my confidence ......................i seriously wish i never met them >.< ... im really glad that i will be moving into a different country , id try to get my confidence back and get some good friends ...SORRY ABOUT THE LONG COMMENT. i just wanted to tell someone so my frustration would kinda leave me. ...oh and i really love this site .. it really helps me alot <3

hey jude i have no idea how to deal with my friends or what i mean to them.last week i started hanging out with a girl that my friends don't hang around with.and i started sitting with her in lunch cause she asked me for help and advice on boys , i promised her i won't tell any one about her problem and i didn't but since i started talking and sitting with her my friends started ingnoring me when i try to talk to them plus when i sit behind or in front of them they start talking about how iam a traitor and stuff.the other day one of my friends who i helped alot in the past was talking to me but then the rest of them started telling her off for talking to me.i for one hate it when people are annoyed or hate me for a reason i don't know. so iam i the bad friend or are they the bad friends? please help me cause iam starting to dred going to school!

Best book to know which friends to keep and which friends to dump - read "FRIENDS TO KEEP. FRIENDS TO DUMP" BY DR.PRASANNA MUDRA.

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