8 FarmVille Rules of Etiquette ...


8 FarmVille Rules of Etiquette ...
8 FarmVille Rules of Etiquette ...

It’s only a matter of time before everyone on the planet plays, and is addicted to, FarmVille. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s time to leave your existence as a hermit in a cave, and re-join the world. Until you try it, you won’t understand how planting crops and caring for sheep can be so much fun… but you should try it. And if you do, here are some basic rules of FarmVille etiquette…

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Return Gifts!

Return Gifts! Photo Credit: JennKstep
Rule number one: if someone sends you a gift, whether you’ve requested it, or need it, or not, you really should send one back! FarmVille makes it easy to send a return gift, too, by asking you when you accept the gift if you want to send one back. Do you know what happens when you don’t send gift back? People stop sending them to you!


Fertilize for Your Neighbors!

Fertilize for Your Neighbors! Photo Credit: JennKstep

To level up, you need to gain experience points. To buy things for your farm, you need cash. A great way to earn both of these is to fertilize crops on your neighbors’ farms. You can also find hidden collectibles, treasure eggs, and fuel while you’re there, so why not? Fertilized crops yield more experience points for you and your neighbors, so be sure to do this as often as you can… and maybe your neighbors will fertilize your crops in return!



Share! Photo Credit: JennKstep

Every now and again, you’ll level up, or earn a new ribbon, or a lost animal will wander onto your farm. FarmVille will display a message box, asking you if you want to share your bounty with your friends. Well, yes, you do! Always click “Accept” or “Okay” to share with your FarmVille friends.


Help Newbies

Help Newbies Photo Credit: JennKstep

If you have a friend who has just started playing FarmVille, and isn’t sure how the game works, they may have questions. Always do your best to offer assistance. After all, you were a newbie once, too!


Don’t Hog!

Don’t Hog! Photo Credit: JennKstep

Do you already have enough black sheep or brown calves? Then don’t claim them when one of your neighbors posts one for adoption. Leave them for someone else to adopt… it’s not polite to hog all of the gifts, especially when you really don’t need (or want) them…


No Stalking

No Stalking Photo Credit: JennKstep

Yes, it’s happened. FarmVille farmers have added people to their Facebook just to add them as FarmVille neighbors, and have ended up getting unsolicited, unwanted advances. If someone adds you just for FarmVille, they’re not looking for a date. They’re looking for another virtual neighbor, and that’s all!


Don’t over-do It

Don’t over-do It Photo Credit: JennKstep

Like anything else, it’s possible to become addicted to playing FarmVille. You’ll notice some of your higher-level neighbors seem to be on, and posting FarmVille updates and messages nearly 24 hours a day! Don’t let that be you! And if it is you, then… add me as a neighbor!


Don’t Delete

Don’t Delete Photo Credit: JennKstep

If you decide to stop playing FarmVille, think long and hard before you delete the application, or your friends associated with it. You may decide to come back later, and play again, and while you won’t have to start over, it will annoy the people who’ve been faithfully playing with you. Harvest your last crops, post an “I’ll be back soon!” sign, and leave it be… for now…

If you do start playing FarmVille, and you do end up getting hopelessly hooked on those adorable animals and lush trees, don’t blame me… add me as a neighbor, and be sure to follow these rules of etiquette! Are there any other rules for FarmVille you’d like to add to my list?

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep

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So Farmville has an opportunity to earn ribbions for completing tasks. One of these ribbions is participating in jobs, planting and harvesting crops. You recieve experience and coins and a special gift for participating and starting a Co-Op Job. Resently I started Co-Op farming, I noticed right away that 2 of my neigbours were joining in on every job I posted and did not plant any of the required plant to complete the ribbon. Thought the first time that possibly it was an error and I completed with the participating neigbours before they had a chance to plant crops, NOT. Same neigbours hopped in on every job and never planted the crops to participate in completing the ribbon. RULE # 9 If you join a Co-OP job, plan to participate, your friends will notice that you are a opportunitist.

While fertilizing Farmville neighbors, I often "share bounty of fuel." However, I never find fuel to claim on my facebook news feed. Even if I go to "profile">"see all friends" and look at their individual feed, I don't see any claimable fuel. Am I missing an opportunity to find fuel? Do you want to be a neighbor?

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