8 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying to You ...


I hate being lied too. I’m not exactly big and scary, and I like to think that I’m friendly and approachable, so I’ve never understood why someone would need to lie to me. There are liars everywhere, though, and all you can do is try to spot when they are lying. Need some help? Here are some signs to look out for next time you are talking...

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The Pause

The Pause Photo Credit: DruhScoff

If he pauses when you ask him something, or repeats the question, he’s probably thinking up an answer. While this isn’t a definite, if they pause regularly and show one or more of the other signs, there is a high possibility that they are fabricating at least some of their story!


Look to Their Legs

Look to Their Legs Photo Credit: xgray

If he wraps her legs around the legs of the chair, he is probably holding something back. Which in a liars case, is usually the truth. Likewise, if they are fidgety and point their feet towards the door, they want to get out of the conversation. Combined? They are lying, and are quite nervous about it!


Odd Shrugging

Odd Shrugging Photo Credit: neloqua

Does he shrug at odd times? If he’s telling you, for example, that he was out with the boys enjoying a beer, but he can’t help shrugging, it indicates that his body isn’t in tune with what he is saying. It might sound odd, but it’s really true!



If he uses lots of sentences with ‘but’ in, he could be preparing you for a lie. “You’ll never believe this, but...” and “It was so strange, but...” are really common phrases that liars use to make an unbelievable story sound more true. Lots of ‘buts’ = unrealistic.


The Tongue Has It

The Tongue Has It Photo Credit: Florry one

If he licks his lips a lot during talking, he thinks he is going to get away with lying. Keep an eye on how much this happens...some liars also flick out their tongue for a few seconds, like snakes, before lying!


Watch His Hands

Watch His Hands Photo Credit: bp6316 is alive

If he frequently puts his hands over his face...to scratch his nose, rub his eyes, stroke his hair etc, then he is attempting to ‘block’ what he is saying, and prevent you from being able to follow what he is saying, and understand it all. Experienced liars even start doing this naturally...just remember that some urges can’t be ignored, such as needing to sneeze!


Look at Me

Look at Me Photo Credit: DR. MARIΟ™

Liars tend to stare, in an attempt to prove that they are being honest and sincere. When a normal look becomes a stare, you can be almost certain that he is trying to prove that he has nothing to hide, and hasn’t realized that a ‘normal’ period has elapsed.



Want to know for sure if he is lying? Change the order of his story. A good liar will have learnt their story well, but only in the right order...A to B to C to D. Ask them about B and then D and then A, and they’ll be lost and confused, and need to rethink it. Which should be very obvious!

I’ve been using these tests for a while, and I think I’ve become quite good at spotting a liar! It’s a brilliant talent, and it means I always known when I’m being lied too! Do you have a tip for spotting a liar? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: what_u_see_is not_what_u_get

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