7 Know-How's to Spot a Liar ...


7 Know-How's to Spot a Liar ...
7 Know-How's to Spot a Liar ...

Sometimes, it is so easy to spot a liar! You just know he or she is lying to you. Kind of like it’s as plain as the nose on your face! But other times, you may THINK he is telling a lie, but you are just not for sure. Here are some sure fire ways to spot that liar.

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Pauses in Conversation

Pauses in Conversation Photo Credit: Hugo Provoste Here they are telling you the long story. It sounds really good and very believable. But here’s the catch: pause after pause. It’s like they have to stop and think of the next line. Or they may have their story down pat, but they are struggling with the lie. Listen for the pauses that occur over and over, and they may just be spouting off a great story.



Stuttering Photo Credit: sam b-r I just had this happen to me over the phone! Some salesman was trying to explain why they lied to me, but all he could do was say “Uh, uh, uh….” Sure, his story sounded reasonable enough, but I knew he was lying because he wanted to cover up his partner. His stuttering gave him away.


Wiping the Nose

Wiping the Nose Photo Credit: markleychic This is so classic. One of the more prominent body-language give aways is absent-mindedly wiping at the nose. You can tell when someone really has an itch, or simply needs something to keep their hands busy!


Looking Away

Looking Away Photo Credit: katieohh When a person constantly veers their eyes away from your gaze, it is because they can’t look you straight in the eye and lie to you. Many people have a tendency to roll they eyes while they talk, so be careful not to mix the tow movements. Someone who looks up and to the left, or squints, may be re-creating a scene in their mind, not purposely lying to you.


Not Using Real Names

Not Using Real Names Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren Is your friend using pronouns over and over? If she can’t get over “he” “she” “they”, then she might be lying to you. Ask for names! Interrupt and say, “By she, do you mean Jane?”


Reclining Back in Chair

Reclining Back in Chair Photo Credit: Okaypro If you friend is fidgety, or pushes back in his chair while he is talking, this is a sign of wanting to put distance between you and his lie. He is saying, “I don’t want you to be able to see right through my lie!”


Repeating the Same Question You Ask

Repeating the Same Question You Ask Photo Credit: pam.ela If your friend repeats a question you ask, more then likely she is buying time to think of an answer. Stalling, speaking slowly, or repeating words can be a sure sign it is a lie. Top Photo Credit: Julia says smile

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women deffinately have the instinct. girls ftw! (:

It's generally a multiple use of these body languages. That's why I stated it is necessary to make sure the person isn't really just wiping their nose or trying to re-create a scene in their mind!

I think most women have like an instinct when it comes to spotting a liar. You can just tell! At least my mom always could when I was younger :p

The unfortunate thing is, I have most of these problems, even though I am not lying. I have RLS, so it causes me to have my legs fidgeting like crazy, and I have this weird thing with looking people in the eyes, it makes me very uncomfortable. I wipe my nose A LOT but that's because I have bad hay fever all year round. haha. Also I have developed a stutter in the past year, BUT The very same thing happened my brother when He was my age and I tend to go through the same kind of body things that he does, Like he got his growth spurt when he was like 16, and I am not even that age yet, etc... So I probably come off as an addict to lying, even though I Rarely ever lie!! haha ~Ciara

Yea I told my mom that I didn't break a vase and she was like ur such a good liar cause I am like that master of lies but nor anymore I have retired lol I wild look the person straight in the eyes like I ws telling the truth but I don't like lying it's not a good habit

Not all of that is necessarily true. Sure, if the person is doing all of that, then it's pretty obvious they're lying. It's true that someone could be lying if they're looking to the left, because our left side corresponds with the right side of our brain, the creative and imaginative one...BUT there are also loads of directions where people look to remember sounds or sights or smells and etc. In body language, you can't just concentrate on one single action. And I'm not dissing your post or anything, I just wanted to say that.

Actually, it's a sign that someone is lying if they make direct eye contact. They are looking at you to see if you believe their lie.

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