7 Ways to Be a Friendly Teenager ...


7 Ways to Be a Friendly Teenager ...
7 Ways to Be a Friendly Teenager ...

Being a teen myself, I’ve often noticed that many teenage girls these days have difficulty making friends or presenting themselves in a friendly manner. Most of this more often than not has to do with jealousy and insecurity issues. While it can be scary going through so many changes at once, it’s important to keep a friendly attitude and a happy spirit. The person you are as a teen is shaping the person you will be as an adult! So here are 7 tips that I hope will help you be a friendly teen and friendly adult in the future!

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Ignore Gossip

Ignore Gossip Photo Credit: Olena Mykhaylova

Gossip is probably a teenage girl's worst enemy. I’ve spent countless nights crying over the cruel things that have been said about me. But here’s the truth: It doesn’t really matter what somebody says about you, even if it’s true. It does hurt, but if you keep a good attitude and a friendly spirit, you won’t be the one who has a bitter, cold heart someday. And “the gossipy girls” probably will.


Invite Your Friends to do Things with You

Invite Your Friends to do Things with You Photo Credit: Olena Mykhaylova

Don’t sit around and wait until someone extends an invitation to you to join the group for ice cream. Be the one who comes up with the idea! Have your friends over (if that’s ok with mom!) or plan a shopping trip. When you’re the initiator, your friends will view you as more of a “people” person and they will feel special that you make an effort to do things with them! This doesn’t mean that you always have to come up with the ideas, or plan the parties, but do take part in it when you can.



Smile Photo Credit: c0466art

No one likes a grouch, or a whine bag. Try to always have a ready smile! You never know what someone’s facing, even if it’s just a passing stranger on the street, you could brighten their day by flashing them your pearly whites. Be a shoulder for your friends to cry on and have some words of encouragement ready if needed. One day it will be your turn and your friends will return the favor!


Don’t Tell Secrets

Don’t Tell Secrets Photo Credit: astrycula

If one of your friends has entrusted you with a secret, don’t pass it along. Unless your friend is involved in something dangerous or illegal, there’s no need to let the cat out of the bag. If she came to you personally, it must be because she knew she could trust you. So keep it that way and watch your friendship blossom!


Display Confidence

Display Confidence Photo Credit: andieschoellkopf

Confidence is an important trait to possess. It will get you a lot. You may not be an Einstein, but if you have confidence in yourself, you’ll get good grades, you’ll be happier and more content with what you have, and you will have longer lasting friendships. When a person is confident, she can stand out in a crowd, stand up to a crowd, and stand alone in a crowd. Your friends will se this and admire it and pursue a deeper friendship with you because you will be a role model to them!


Offer Your Assistance

Offer Your Assistance Photo Credit: ronald.leung

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need a little help of some kind. Maybe one of your friends needs help studying for that book report or a new outfit to wear to the Friday night dance. Maybe she’s having a lot of fights at home and needs some advice. Or it could be that she got stuck babysitting her little sister and she has a final paper due. Whatever the reason, don’t hesitate to offer your help if it’s possible. That’s what friends do, help each other!


Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t Be Jealous Photo Credit: Vina Nicole d.

Jealousy is the quickest way to ruin a positive attitude and a confident spirit. It’s also the best way to poison a friendship. If you aspire to be a friendly teen, DON’T let envy enter your heart. If you start feeling lousy or angry that your friends have things/privileges that you don’t, focus on the great things that you do have. Make a list of your positive attributes and talents, then remember that it’s your ultimate goal to be a “Friendly Teenager” and those thoughts will fly away!

I know it’s not easy being a teen in today’s society. In fact, it can be downright impossible on some days. But just when you think the world has come to an end, there’s always something bright to look forward to. Keep focusing on the good things and always aspire to be a friendly teen. It will pay off in more ways than you think! Do you have any other tips to share on being a more friendly, happy teen? Please share!

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