8 Tips on Making Friends in High School ...


8 Tips on Making Friends in High School ...
8 Tips on Making Friends in High School ...

High school can be an awkward time for kids, both boys and girls. It’s been a very long time since I was in high school, so I asked my son for some ideas. I used his advice and wrote 8 tips on making friends in high school. I figured he was a good resource to use seeing as he is currently in high school and is very good at making friends. Hope you enjoy the tips and find some that work for you as well!

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Be Willing to Make the First Introduction

Don’t expect everyone else to make the first move and introduce them selves to you. If you aren’t the outgoing type, you might have to simply suck it up and go for it! Smile at someone and see if this is enough to get them to say ‘hello’. Sometimes it makes things easier when someone else says the first thing.


Share Stories

Telling and sharing stories is a great way to bring people together. Hanging out with a group of people and sharing a fun story from your past keeps the rest of the group entertained and makes you the center of attention. Don’t go out of your way to make up an interesting story, unless you tell them it’s made up. People tend to not think very highly of someone who makes up things to gain popularity. Be yourself and stick to factual stories.


Display Your Skills

When my son mentioned this tip, I immediately thought of Napoleon Dynamite where he’s talking to his friend about how girls like a guy with skills. It made me laugh, but it’s somewhat true. People like to find out what their friends can do. The more skills you have, the more popular you tend to be. If you have some skills, show them off.


Get Involved with Groups

This doesn’t mean you have to join band or an extracurricular activity that is school oriented. This simply means hang out with groups of people. If you are invited to do something after school with a bunch of people and it sounds like something you’d be interested in, then do it.

The more you hang out with people, the larger number of people you will be introduced to.


Be Open to New Ideas

Having a closed minded attitude will severely limit the types of people you meet as well as the variety of opportunities that are presented to you. Be open to not only new ideas, but different people, situations, activities, and discussions.


Have a Good Sense of Humor

Everyone likes to laugh. If you have some good jokes, tell them at appropriate times. Be willing to laugh at yourself and don’t get upset if others laugh at a mistake you’ve made. Take it in stride and others will most likely see you as an easy-going individual and enjoy your company.


Be Polite

Being rude is a sure way to not make friends. Remain polite, be pleasant, and smile often. Doing something nice for someone is an easy way to make a good first impression too.


Be Social

Sit with others; don’t segregate yourself from the rest of the kids in school. I know you might not want to overstep boundaries by simply plopping yourself down in a group of new people. However, if you ask if you nicely ask if you can be seated, then most people are generally willing to give you a chance. Offer help when you see it needed or give advice if you know the answer to what someone is looking for.

These 8 tips on making friends in high school should give you some ideas on how to go about this often dreaded task. Not everyone can be bubbly and outgoing like my daughter. Some have to rely on a variety of methods for making friends. I was included in this latter description. What other tips can you offer to people trying to make friends in high school?

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My high school experience was bad. Now, I see some people back in high school and they look fat, odd and ugly. A toast to that

Er, Sheila, i'm not out of high school yet but that sounds kind of mean, no offence

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