8 Ways to Make New Friends ...


8 Ways to Make New Friends ...
8 Ways to Make New Friends ...

Making new friends can be intimidating, especially if you are timid or shy around new people. Here are a couple of great pointers to remember that will make you seem warm and completely approachable, and make it easy to make new friends!

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Body Language

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Your body language says so much about you. If you tend to keep your arms crossed, that says "I’m closed to new ideas and new people." Stand facing the person you are talking to with one foot angled in their direction and your hands either folded in front of you or clasped behind you. This says "I’m open and interested in you and what you have to say."


Touch is Powerful

Touch is Powerful Photo Credit: AstridPhotography

When you speak to someone, reach out periodically and touch their arm or shoulder lightly. Grab their hand if you are sitting at a table or pat their back as you walk by. Touching someone stimulates good feelings and lets them know that they mean something to you and you are there for them.


Be the First to Approach Someone

Be the First to Approach Someone Photo Credit: Justeenuh

Don’t always stand in the background at parties or gatherings and wait for someone to approach you. Mix and mingle, speak to people! Compliment something someone is wearing or how well of a job they did on that speech or toast they gave. Ask who cut their hair — that’s a great conversation starter!


Offer Your Asistance

Offer Your Asistance Photo Credit: Netfalls

The best way to get a new friend is to be one. If you know that single mom who works in your office has plans for the weekend, offer to babysit for her. If the lady across the hall seems extra stressed, meet her for coffee. You never know what might spark a new friendship!


Try New Things

Try New Things Photo Credit: alabs

When you try new things, you meet new people. So sign up for yoga or swimming classes, or join a support group. Besides being around new people you will feel invigorated for trying something new!


Eye Contact

Eye Contact Photo Credit: HamburgCam

When you speak to someone, make direct eye contact with them. It lets them know you are interested and listening to what they are saying. No one likes to feel ignored or unimportant.



Smile Photo Credit: amigadave

A lot of times people forget how important this one tiny thing can be when it comes to making new friends. When you smile you look relaxed and friendly and open. Smile at everyone, even strangers in the grocery store or library. Especially, smile at the people you have in your life everyday. Might rekindle an old or dying friendship with someone!


Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others Photo Credit: Frank Fullard

Yep. The golden rule. Everybody knows it, but how often do you REALLY do unto others as you would have others do unto you? Try it out. You may be surprised by the results. Besides it always makes you feel great when you treat others right.

When it comes to making new friends, you can be the initiator. Just remember, to make friends, be a friend! Do you have any other tips to share on making new friends, or keeping old ones? Please share!

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I like 'Don't let the conversation die' it's very important when meeting new people. Some people need to be dragged back into talking with you before they start to warm up. I did this today with 3 people at college and we had lovely chats each time. I hope to see them again.

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