8 Tips for Socializing at a Party ...


8 Tips for Socializing at a Party ...
8 Tips for Socializing at a Party ...

Using the following 8 tips for socializing at a party, even a shy person is able to get into the swing of things relatively quickly. Practice some of these tactics on friends to get some feedback. It might make it easier if you are more familiar with how to engage with someone in a party situation if you practice in the comfort of your own home. Let me know what you think!

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Be Positive and Upbeat

People generally like to be surrounded by happy individuals. Keep a positive outlook on things, laugh, and remain light-hearted as much as possible. No one goes to a party expecting to meet a bunch of sour apples. Memorize a few good jokes. Make sure they are ones anyone would enjoy, so you won’t have to worry about offending someone right off the bat.


Find Something in Common

Are you both wearing the same shoes? Have you seen each other at the local library? Were you both invited to the party by a mutual friend? Try to find out something you might both have in common and start chatting about it. Most people find it easier to talk to someone when you both have something in common.


Make Good Eye Contact

This is a tough one for some people. Making eye contact can really freak people out. You might have a hard time looking at someone for too long because you are afraid that person will think you are staring at him/her. Or, you could be the type of person who thinks someone who makes eye contact for a long time is rather creepy. You don’t have to try to stare someone down to get their attention. Acknowledge a person who makes contact with your eyes and you might be able to strike up a conversation much easier.



This is a good thing to do once you’ve established eye contact with a person. Smile to show you are harmless and then move in for a chance to have some light conversation. Sometimes a smile will bring a person over to you and you won’t have to worry about taking any next steps. It’s nice when a smile does all the talking for you and eases the tension of meeting new people at a party.


It’s Alright to Make ‘small Talk’ at First

Parties are great places for chit-chat. What else are you going to do? Listen to music, sit on the couch, raid the chip bowl, and chat with people around you. Small talk can quickly lead to something more substantial, but at a party it doesn’t matter if the conversation goes into something more detailed or not. A party is where people go to have fun, not debate over the latest government policies.


Be Polite

Making a good first impression is easiest done by being polite. Of course people will always remember the loud drunk guy at a party too, but do you want to be remembered as ‘the one who caused a scene’? Mind your manners and people will still remember you. Sitting quietly in the corner doesn’t count though!


Actively Seek out People to Visit with

Depending on the crowd at the party, you might actually have to walk around and find people to talk to. Not all parties consist of individuals who will come up to you and start a conversation out of the blue. Sometimes you have to start with the socializing.


Listen when People Are Talking

Being a good listener helps in many situations. It might be difficult to hear if the music is loud at the party, but do your best and the other person will appreciate it. Making good eye contact while you are listening intently helps the other person see you are trying to listen, instead of only hoping you are listening.

I hope these 8 tips for socializing at a party come in handy some day. Who knows, you might get invited to a party next weekend and you’ll have a chance to try some of these tips out first—hand. What tips would you suggest for socializing during a partying situation?

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