7 Tips for Trying the Vacuum Kiss ...


7 Tips for Trying the Vacuum Kiss ...
7 Tips for Trying the Vacuum Kiss ...

Have you ever wondered about tips for trying the vacuum kiss? The act of kissing is something that has been around for quite a long time. And the reason is obvious-a kiss is a sweet thing! It can and should be enjoyable for both people who are partaking in it. But do you ever feel like your kissing has become routine? Pucker lips, lean in, smack lips together, pull apart sort of thing? Then this article is for you! I'm going to give you some tips for trying a new kind of kiss-the vacuum kiss. Kissing should never be a mundane task, or just another thing to check off your to-do list! Instead, you should always keep kissing fresh, exciting, and extraordinary! Want to know a way to keep the honey in the honey pot? Well, keep on reading and I will give you 7 tips for trying the vacuum kiss! Trying the vacuum kiss is a surefire way to get things revved up!

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Start out Gentle

The vacuum kiss is a kiss where you suck out the air from your partner's mouth. Now the key here of course, is to do it gently. You don't want to leave a bruise! This tip fro trying the vacuum kiss will get you bonus points. Your lover will appreciate thoughtfulness and tenderness just as you would!


Keep It Fairly Short

As mentioned before, you are sucking on your sweetheart's mouth, so you don't want to keep at it too long! Your mouths will both be a bit sore and you may leave bruises or marks. You certainly don't want that! You will both enjoy it much more if you keep it fairly short and sweet.


Don't Chew Gum

How many of you have ever kissed someone with gum or mints in your mouth? I know I have! While you can be discreet about it during a regular kiss, when you are trying the vacuum kiss it's much more difficult. You could risk choking yourself or your partner! So spit the gum out before you get started. It kinda gets in the way anyhow!


The vacuum kiss is a popular kissing technique that involves creating a suction effect by inhaling and exhaling at the same time. However, one important thing to keep in mind before trying this kiss is to avoid chewing gum. Not only can it get in the way and ruin the moment, but it can also pose a choking hazard for both you and your partner. This is especially important to keep in mind if you or your partner have a habit of chewing gum regularly. So, to ensure a smooth and safe vacuum kiss, make sure to spit out any gum or mints beforehand.


Don't Pull Away Abruptly

One tip for trying the vacuum kiss is to not pull away very abruptly. There will more than likely be a tight seal created between you and your lover's lips. Pulling away quickly will make a loud noise and might be kind of painful as well! Break the seal gently and slowly in order to keep the experience enjoyable and nice.


The vacuum kiss is a popular technique that can add excitement and passion to your make-out sessions. However, it's important to keep in mind that abruptly pulling away can ruin the moment. The tight seal created between your lips and your partner's can cause discomfort if broken too quickly. It's best to break the seal gently and slowly, making sure to communicate with your partner if you need to take a break. This will not only prevent any potential pain, but also keep the experience enjoyable and intimate. Remember to always listen to your partner's cues and communicate openly to make the vacuum kiss a pleasurable experience for both of you.


Finish with Soft Regular Kisses

After you get done experimenting with the vacuum kiss, you and your partner should exchange a few gentle and soft regular kisses. Because the vacuum kiss can be slightly rough and bold, you don't want to leave on that note. By exchanging loving slow kisses afterwards, you and your honey can both come down from the rush and calm down together. The vacuum kiss can leave you both breathless!


Talk with Your Partner

If you have been wanting to try the vacuum kiss, you should discuss it with your partner rather than springing it on them. If you just starting sucking on their mouth, you may get an unanticipated reaction! Be sure and discuss the idea and remember your sweetie may need some time to warm up to the idea if this is something totally new and foreign to them.


Be Patient

The best tip for trying the vacuum kiss that I can give you is just remember to be patient. As with any new thing, it may take some time to get it just right. You may need to take a break from trying it if you can't get it right at first. Kissing is an art and there is definitely delicacy to it! Don't be frustrated if it doesn't work out at first!

Don't get caught in a kissing rut! If you or your partner would like to experience the vacuum kiss, these tips for trying the vacuum kiss will get you pointed in the right direction! You can shake things up and keep them interesting. Do you have any tips of your own to share for trying the vacuum kiss? Please comment below to share!

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