7 Tips How to Kiss a Man ...


7 Tips How to Kiss a Man ...
7 Tips How to Kiss a Man ...

Whether you've kissed two, twenty or two hundred men in a lifetime - there's always room for improvement when it comes to your kissing techniques. When it's time to pucker up, there tips will definitely get his attention and make him always **look forward to the next tim**e that you lean over him (or vice versa) and pucker up!
Tip #1
Make sure that your lips are soft, smooth and kissable.
Tip #2
Make sure your makeup is not caked on (men do not like tasting our lipsticks and lipglosses, believe me).
Tip #3
Make sure your breath is fresh, but I did not need to remind you that, right?
Tip #4
Start off slow, but give it some passion too. Tender passion are the 2 words to keep in mind.
Tip #5
Suck on his tongue a bit, lick his lips gently, but just the lips! Make sure you do not cross the line and start licking his chin or nostrils. Wet kisses are the worst!
Tip #6
Use your hands - gently rub his shoulders, or back, or his penis, if you want this kiss to turn into more fun. ;)
Tip #7
Make sure that your kiss is about quality, not the time!

here are few video instruction how to kiss - let's train now!

This one - the best of ;)

Because at the end of the day, it's the quality of the kiss and not the length of time that counts. Even a five-second smooch can easily make his toes curl if you know how to work it!

I don't know about you, but these tips from LadyThrills.com make me want to grab my man right now and plant a good one on him!

Photo "Kevin Gets Kissed Part One" by Thomas Hawk (Kevin Rose is the creator of digg.com)

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lm one of those "cheeks" who lyk being kissed and kissing my guy back but believe u me, l dont even know what it takes to be a good kisser,shld l move my tongue both ways or shld l...., gal freds lm jus confused.Anyone to help!!!!!!!!

Hi I was talking to my boyfriend and he said that we should make out at the movies how to hide it when your friends are around

I'm 13 now and haven't kissed a boy yet.. I just get sO nervous, but I dOnt want to be labeled "frigit" this one guy really likes me and I like him too but he's kissed like 20 girls and I've never kissed anyone:( my friend just got her first kiss and I was excited for her but I'm still jelous. I just don't want to mess up, and this guy is going to ask me out soon (says his friend) and I want to know how to kiss him. What can I do??

hi frd i have a guy when he purpose me i then i said No but now i like him. and i want to friendship with him but i don't want to tell him that i liked him.please anybody help me i'll wait for your answers.

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