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It’s never easy to talk to someone you really like. I’m sort of the shy type and I’ve never found talking to a complete stranger an easy thing to do. I could barely make eye contact, let alone actually speak coherent sentences to someone I found even a little bit attractive. If you are at a loss for words or are just looking for ways to be able to strike up a conversation, here are 8 tips on approaching someone you like.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Word ‘no’

Too many people are afraid of rejection. Sure, having someone tell you ‘no’ when you ask him/her out on a date can be a little disheartening, but at least you tried. Try not to get all stressed out by the thought of someone saying ‘no’ to your advances. Just think of it this way; you’re no worse off than you were before, right?


Smile and Introduce Yourself

A smile definitely goes a long way. Smiling as you approach someone often makes it easier for you to strike up a conversation. I always find a smiling person to be a bit less creepy as well, unless they are smiling in a forced way that makes their face all contorted and odd looking. With a pleasant smile and an extended hand, try introducing yourself in a polite manner.


Have Confidence

Being sure of what you are about to do will not only make you feel more confident, but it will also show in the way you walk and talk. Coming across as a confident person, even if you don’t feel exceptionally confident at that very moment, tends to draw people towards you as well. Keep telling yourself: ‘I can do it.’ As you make your way over to the person you are interested in. This mental booster might be just what you need to feel the confidence begin to ooze from your pores!


Don’t Be Shy!

This tip sort of has to do with being confident, but people who are shy don’t always lack confidence. It’s definitely hard for some people to overcome their shyness long enough to start up a conversation with someone they are interested in. If you are extremely shy, you just might be able to use this to your advantage. You might end up talking to someone and realizing your face has just suddenly gone red, but this isn’t a bad thing. Don’t worry about it so much that you give up on talking to this person.


Find Some Common Ground

It’s often easier to approach someone when you can find something in common. This could be an item that is right in front of you both and that you can strike up a conversation about or maybe a particular event you both are attending. There might even be other things you have in common such as friends, clothing, or an obvious like.


Begin with Small Talk

Small talk and tasteless pick-up lines are two different things. I have some friends who seem to think tasteless pick-up lines are the exact same thing as small talk. Some people can get away with it and others fail miserable. Try chatting about something mundane, but not utterly boring: the weather, a current event, or a movie that recently came out.


Provide Compliments without Sounding Cheesy

Cheesiness is hard to pull off with success. You might end up delivering your line and getting nothing but an eye-roll from the person on the receiving end. Offer compliments that sound sincere and not well-planned out. Most people can tell when you are using a line that has been refined over the years on countless victims.


Have a Valid Question in Mind

Posing a simple question about something random can be a great ice-breaker. Some examples: ‘Are you from the local area?’ or ‘Do you and your friends hang out here regularly?’. It can be difficult to think of a question that won’t come across as forced. Many people will answer a question with a certain tone of voice, which will usually give you a clue as to whether or not you’ve successfully gotten their attention.

These 8 tips on approaching someone you like might work for you. It never hurts to give them a try. Some people can naturally find a way to talk to strangers they find interesting, while others flounder. What tips do you have on approaching a person you like? Do you think that some of these tips might work in specific situations and places while others wouldn’t?

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there is a boy who i realy like. we were in the same scwl until like y4 (age9) and i realy liked him then he moved scwl then i met him again in secondry we are in the sme class and i sit near him for some lessons i have been gunna secondry with him for 2 years now and we talk a lot he ia always starin at me and tryin to make conversation he will also do what i tell him like if i say jack can you het me some pens he will does tis meen he likes me ???/

Iv been with my bf since I was 11,and he was 12.My Bday is coming up and he has stopped hanging out with me and my bff is hanging out with him. My bff knows how my bf and I feel about each other.I feel like slugging her sometimes because she knows how long we have been together and she knows it took us a while to get to know each other.my bf and I only see each other day for an hour bit I can't help bit worrying.is my bff stealing my bf?????

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