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7 Ways to Let Someone Know You Don't Want a 2nd Date ...

By Melanie

I am going to give you 7 ways to let someone know you don’t want a 2nd date. I know that sometimes, it is hard to let someone down and I hope I will help you out.

7 Your Schedule is Tight

When they ask you on a date, tell them that your schedule is tight. Let them know that your schedule is going to be tight for some time now. Tell them that you will call them if the schedule eases up any. Of course, you’re not going to call him back. You’re just letting him down gently.

6 Reject Him with a Compliment

This may be a good one. Reject him by telling him that he is such a great guy and you are sure he will find a great girl one day. I have done this one before and it worked. If it doesn’t work, then move forward to number 3.

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5 Tell Him You’re Not Ready for a Relationship

Of course, you could always just be open with him. If you really do not want to go on a second date with him, then just tell him that you are no ready for a relationship. Let him know that you just want to be friends. Surely, he is going to understand.

4 Talk to Him about a Guy You’re Interested in

Even if you are not interested in another guy, act like you are – you don’t have to mention names of the other guy and if he asks, just make up a name. Tell him you are not sure about his last name, if he continues to fish. By talking about another guy you are interested in, you are pushing him away.

3 Break It to Him Gently

If he still continues to try to get you to go on a date, break it to him gently. Perhaps you could write a letter or e-mail him to break it to him gently. I know, this sounds a bit like number 5, but this is different. In this case, you will not be telling him in person that you aren’t ready.

2 Don’t Say Hi to Them in Public

When he passes you by in public, even if he says hi to you or waves at you, act as if you do not hear or see him. You should act like he isn’t there. Act like he is invisible. Act like he doesn’t even exist. If he doesn’t get the picture, then I don’t know what will!

1 Don’t Call Them Back

Okay, if you are no interested in that second date, then don’t call him back. Have called I.D and when you see his number flash up there, make sure you don’t answer that phone.

There you have 7 ways to let someone know you don’t want that 2nd date. Remember, for the first rejection, you should be nice. However, if he keeps it up, get the mean attitude. So, do you have any other ideas?

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