8 Innovative Ways to Approach Your Crush ...

It can be hard to figure out just how to approach your crush. Some options are cheesy, while others have just been done to death. If you really want to let the person you like know exactly how you feel, however, there are lots of other, more unique options – like these really innovative ways to approach your crush.

1. Try a Gardenia

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Every flower has a meaning, and gardenias are no different. They are the covert secret admirer flower. You can give them to your crush to secretly confess your feelings – even if he's a boy, yes. It's a really unique way to confess your feelings, but it might go over your crush's head unless you can find a subtle way to tell him or her what gardenias are really all about.

2. Playlists

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This may seem cheesy, but it worked for me when I was courting the Better Half. When we were still in the friend stage but I was developing a crush, I used to send all these mix CDs and playlists that made my feelings pretty clear – and I have to tell you, it worked!

3. Put It in Writing

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Writing a note or an email might seem unoriginal, but truthfully, in this era devoted solely to texts and Facebook messages, it can be perfect. You don't need to write a novel – and, in fact, writing anything long is probably going to be a bit too much, and you'll risk saying more than necessary. Keep it short and sweet, because thus far, this is a crush, not a full fledged love affair.

4. Do a Balloon Bouquet

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This is pretty cheesy too – but it's also an original! If you want to let your crush know you like him – or her – balloons are definitely a unique way to do it. You can get just about anything written on balloons, so a message announce “Hey guess what, I like you!” shouldn't be too hard at all!

5. Write It in the Sand

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Messages written in the sand – or the dirt; or with rocks; you get the idea – are cute. They're fun and low pressure as well, so they don't seem like this huge, big deal, which you generally want to avoid when revealing a crush. Basically just remember that creativity is always a good thing.

6. Highlighting

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I also did this with the BH, because we used to trade books while we were still in the friend stage. If you and your crush read the same kinds of books, let him or her borrow one. The key is, highlight passages in the book that made you think of your crush, or that describe things you wish you could do together.

7. Ice It

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Make your crush a cake, or some cupcakes. Why? Because then you can reveal your feelings in icing. Again, a simple “I like you” will do the job nicely. Plus, you both get cake. What could be better? Ice cream too, but that's about it.

8. Just Be Honest

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This is a unique approach only because, again, people rarely go this route anymore. I understand it's scary to reveal your feelings to your crush, because they might not reciprocate. But honestly, the worst anyone can say is “no,” and that's better than thinking something can happen when it really won't.

There are lots of ways you can approach your crush, ranging from unique to original. These are just what I think are some of the most innovative ways to approach your crush, so you can be creative but still get your point across. What's your favorite way to tell someone how you feel?

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