8 Ways to Spot Warning Signs in an Online Dating Profile ...


8 Ways to Spot Warning Signs in an Online Dating Profile ...
8 Ways to Spot Warning Signs in an Online Dating Profile ...

Meeting someone online through a dating site can be effective (that’s how my mother and step-father met), but it can also be dangerous. I mean, how do you really know who’s on the other end of that profile? Often times you just have to know what to look for, what the signs are that the guy who seems like Mr. Right on his dating profile might actually be someone dangerous, a stalker, definitely Mr. Wrong. Here are 8 ways to spot warning signs in an online dating profile.

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Very Little Information

If his profile is downright paltry, with very little information aside from his name and home city, then he may either be (a) very secretive, which is potentially a good thing or (b) he’s got a lot to hide, and hasn’t figured out quite how to present his checkered past (or present). Steer clear of any dating profile with very little information.


No Photo

Not to sound superficial, but if a man’s not willing to post a photo of himself, you have to wonder: what’s wrong with his face? Is he horribly disfigured, vampirishly pale, or just plain ugly? I always, always skip right over the profiles without a photo.


Oddly Cropped Photos

Worse perhaps than not having any photo is a photo (or set of photos) that are oddly cropped, suggesting of course that there was someone else in the photos to start with… like a wife. If, in one of his oddly cropped photos, he’s wearing a tuxedo, skip over this profile. He’s either married, or just divorced and doesn’t have any photos of himself aside from his wedding photos. Ick! Who needs that baggage either way?


Hateful Language in His Profile

If he has no problem airing his views on why gays shouldn’t be allowed into the military or be allowed to marry, or worse, or if he uses outright racial or gender-related hate language, he’s not a nice person. He’s hateful, mean-spirited, and small-minded. No question. Move on.


Too Much Information

This is the opposite of the guy who didn’t post enough information. If he’s written an entire book about why he’s the man for you, then he might be a little too self-centered to be date-worthy. It’s nice when a profile has some information about political or religious views, favorite books or movies or sports teams, but do we need to know everything? Nope, not yet!


Too Much of a Partier

If, in every photo or comment he has, he appears to be half-naked, stoned, or holding one of those yard-long beer glasses, he may have some maturity and/or alcohol problems, hence his single status. There’s nothing wrong with dating a man who drinks socially once in a while, but who wants to go out with a guy who’s drunk all the time? Or whose idea of a good time is a frat party? Not me!


Hints of Another Relationship

If he doesn’t come right out and declare his single and looking status, then you can safely assume he’s not technically single. Even if he says he’s nearly divorced, or is separated, beware! He could be lying, or, if he’s telling the truth, the divorce process can still be months, or years, away. Take my advice: you do not ever want to date a man in this limbo-like position.


Updates/changes Frequently

If he’s constantly logging onto his profile, or making small changes, he’s far too eager to be date-worthy. Or, worse, he’s constantly seeking approval, which is too high-maintenance for you. Stick to the men who only log in or make changes once or twice a week.

With so many red flags to look out for on a man’s dating profile, how will you ever find your Prince Charming? No worries, my dear, he’s out there, and there are thousands of online dating profiles that don’t have a single one of these warming signs. Be choosy, be direct, and be careful! Do you use an online dating site? Do you have any other profile warning signs to look out for? What other advice can you share?

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Well, I stay away from online dating as much as possible. I think there are just so many cons about dating someone you haven't even seen yet.

Another reason he might not have a photo would be cos he's married.

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