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Top 7 Peeves with Online Dating ...

By Melanie

This blog on top 7 peeves with online dating is something I have had on my list for awhile now. There are so many things with online dating that bothers me. Let me give you my top 7 things that bother me the most …

7 Pictures Don’t Match

When a man or a woman looks into online dating, they don’t want to hear “that picture is of me a couple of years ago. I have not updated my picture since then.” They want to see a picture of you that is recent.

6 Lying about Age

There are some people who lie about their age. This so happens to be a big pet peeve of many. Please don’t go lying about your age – at one point, someone is going to find out your real age and you will seem like a dummy for lying about it. Besides, remember, age doesn’t matter – with online dating, it’s your personality and your picture.

5 Grammar Errors

I remember looking at dating ads when I was younger – you know, before I was married. Not that I needed a boyfriend, it was just that I was curious. Anyhow, even back then, I had a pet peeve for grammar errors. I do not like when there are so many grammar errors in personal ads. Does this bother any of you?

4 An Escape Route

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How many times have I saw people on the dating site because they were seeking an escape route from their parents? Not that I go and look at dating sites all the time – but my friend does and he points these things out. If you are looking for an escape route from your parents, then you may want to consider some other more independent alternatives.

3 You Keep Asking for Nude Photographs

Okay, I will admit right now that before I was married, I had experience with online dating. It bothers the heck out of me when a guy constantly asks if I have a nude photograph. I mean, come on, this is NOT a way to win a girl over and I’m certainly not going to become involved in a guy whose first question is “do you have any nude photos?”

2 You Won’t Talk on the Phone

When you date someone online and they will not talk on the phone, then that sends a red flag off. I mean, if you have been talking for months on end and still have not spoken on the phone, then doesn’t it make you think they’re not really who they say they are?

1 You’re Married

Okay, my number one pet peeve! If you are on a dating site or looking to date someone on the Internet and you are already married, then you need to have the crap beat out of you. Instead of wasting your time trying to literally cheat on your spouse, why not try to repair your marriage, because obviously, something is wrong with it?

There you have my top 7 peeves with online dating. I am sure I am not the only person out there that feels this way. What about you – what is your peeve?

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