8 Worst Dating Mistakes ...


8 Worst Dating Mistakes ...
8 Worst Dating Mistakes ...

Dating can be the most fun time in your life...or the worst! Young love is so funny, you know? We tend to get so wrapped up in the person we're "into" that we tend to make silly mistakes that cost us the relationship. Some mistakes are forgivable, maybe even laughable, others, not so much! In this article, I've listed 8 worst dating mistakes that can be made in a relationship.

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Being Clingy

There is nothing that irritates worse than a clingy person on an early date. Come on, they're not "yours" yet! I totally understand being protective and a little clingy after you've been going out for over a year, but it's absolutely ridiculous to be clingy to someone you've only had two dates with. Loosen up and learn about each other and stop worrying about someone stealing them away!


Showing Money

You know, unless the person you're dating is a "Money-grubber" they're not really interested in how much money you have or whether or not it's easy for you to spend a few hundred in one night. Stop flashing the wallet like it's going to buy you the person you're with. You should want to be with that person because your personalities compliment each other and you enjoy each other's company, not because they love your money.


Misrepresenting Yourself

Don't be someone you're not. You need this person to fall in love with the person you truly are, not the person they think you are. To do this is building your relationship on a lie, and that is never healthy. If they can't accept you for who you are, then you don't need to be with them in the first place. Again, I say NEVER act like someone else, just be YOURSELF!


Bringing up the past

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to hear about all the past girlfriends of a guy I'm considering for my future. Who cares if he hates her guts now? I don't want to hear about her! I can't believe people are actually so dumb as to think that their present date wants to hear about their past dates with other people! Come on! We've got better things to discuss, if you'd like to cry about your past relationships to someone you should go and grab some chat line numbers and talk with someone anonymous about your ex as much as you want.


Opening up Too Soon

I believe that in time, in a relationship, it's necessary to talk about more serious things. If you're hoping to spend the rest of your life with this person, they need to know your desires, what you want in life, maybe some serious things that happened in your past, that's completely understandable. However, they certainly don't need to hear about these things before at least your tenth date! Keep things light and conversation more on things you like to do, and what classes you're taking in college! Don't bog them down with heavy stuff yet - your relationship isn't strong enough to handle things like this, and it will die before it's been given the opportunity to bloom.


Getting Too Touchy

I don't know of too many girls who want to date a guy that only wants them for one thing - sex. There is more to life than sex, believe it or not. In my personal opinion, I believe that going by the Bible, sex is to be saved for marriage anyway. I don't regret saving myself for marriage - it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. However, even if you're not in that belief, it shouldn't be something that happens for some time in a relationship. If a relationship is built on nothing more than a pretty girl and sex, you can bet it won't last forever. It can't - beauty doesn't last forever, and sex with one partner for a guy like this tends to get boring after a while. Face it girls. A guy that's touchy on your first or second date is in it for some fun and then he'll be on the run. Stay away!


"I Want to Talk about Me, I Want to Talk about I..."

Another mistake that quickly ends a budding relationship is talking far too much about yourself. Sure, they need to know about you, but you need to know about them as well. To fill an entire date with conversation centering around yourself is to quickly tell your date you care more about yourself than you ever will your partner. Make sure, instead that after you have said a few things about yourself, that you ask about your date and show interest in their life as well.


Having Wandering Eyes

Ok, I realize that men appreciate a woman's beauty, but when you're on a date with a specific, beautiful woman, keep your eyes on her at all times! Don't let your eyes go wandering to that waitress that just passed you! And girls, if you're on a date with a guy, don't go making eyes and flirting with your waiter or that cute guy at the salad bar (who also happens to be on his own date!) Respect the date you're with and leave everyone else out of the equation.

That's that. The 8 worst dating mistakes that one can make, in my opinion. So, what do you think? Can you think of more dating mistakes? Please share!

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Wary about online dating.......I can relate............i've actually slowed down myself. I stopped trying to ask the men out, not in the bad sense though, so please don't take this the wrong way. However...........................when i think about it. I like to challenge myself in a way.........that helps me to be more open minded on both ends. Thoughts become things.....be YOURSELF. For all you great ladies!

alot of mistakes can be made :/x

I'll take your advice against misrepresenting yourself one step further. Sometimes this begins even prior to the first date....usually on online dating sites where people can describe themselves however they like in their profiles. Also, posting really old photos of yourself is something I think also definitely counts as misrepresenting yourself. Good advice!

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