10 Movie Tips on How to Pick up Chicks ...

Guys always get the girl in the movies, have you noticed? No matter what they do, how dorky or hairy or homicidal or magical they are, the hero (or villain) invariably winds up with the girl. How do they do it? Is it charm, charisma, prowess? Movie guys have some slick tricks up their sleeves, and I thought the average Joes out there might need some advice on how to mimic some of the most amazing men in movies. Ladies, you can benefit from these too – if you see a guy doing any of these things for you, make sure you snatch him up at once! Trust me, y'all, this list of tips for picking up chicks from the movies is way better than Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

1. Sparkle

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If you want to know how to get girls, look no further than the Twilight Saga. You heard me, fellas. Edward Cullen should be your go-to for relationship advice. When you play it like he does, it doesn't matter if you want to eat your date, if your family members try to kill her, or if she's attracted the attention of the neighborhood werewolf – you just have to sparkle like a gold glitter dusted god in the sunlight!

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