10 Ways to Get a Guy ...


10 Ways to Get a Guy ...
10 Ways to Get a Guy ...

Okay, so you have decided that it is time to get a guy. You are tired of spending those nights by yourself and with the girls. Sure, guys may think that girls are mysterious, but it truly is hard to read what a guy is thinking and deciphering his signals. I have 10 ways to get a guy that I would like to share with you. So, get into your best dating outfit and take notes!

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Just Be Yourself

You have thought of many things, but have you ever thought of just being yourself? This is something that I have noticed many girls ignore. Many of them try to be the type of girl they think a boy would like. You want a guy to fall in love with you for who you are, not who you aren’t. Besides, you already have a lot of experience being you!


Dress Appropraitely

What you wear and where you wear it says a lot about you. The key is to be comfortable and be appropriate For example, if you're going hiking, don't wear heels or really short shorts and definitely do not wear your favorite8 Best Lipsticks ... @Katie or any other form of heavy makeup. Also, wear something that suits you and that you know you can carry off. And remember there is a fine but definite line between sexy and slutty.


Be Smart, like You Really Are

Everyone was born with a brain. However, many do not realize that they have the power to use it. When a man has a conversation with you, they do not want to hear about town gossip. Of course, you do not have to be a doctor or anything along that line to attract a man, but try to put some thought into your conversation. I have personally found that this works great. If you are interested in sports or video games, then that is great. Just remember that you should say what you want to say and not what you think he wants to hear.


What is Your Hobby?

Do you have something that interests you? For instance, some of my hobbies include video games, fashion designing, readingbeauty blogs, anything to do with art, ham radio, gardening and so much more. When you allow a man to see what your21 New Hobbies to Try ... @Jenniferare, you are allowing him to see that you are an interesting individual. This is also a great way to see if you have similar interests.


Do You Have Your Eyes on a Guy? Make Sure He is Not Taken!

Before you start doing the things and trying to get a guy, it is best to make sure he does not have a girlfriend. You may also want to make sure yourbest friend is not crushing on him. And above all, make sure he’s not married!


Before diving headfirst into flirtation, it’s crucial to do a little background check. Social media can be your best ally in determining his relationship status. If his profile is a parade of cozy couple pictures, it’s time to redirect your attention. Not sure about the vague posts? A casual conversation with mutual friends can bring clarity without seeming too snoopy. Remember, it’s not just about sparing yourself potential heartache but also about respecting boundaries and relationships that already exist. Double-checking now can save you from a complicated situation later.


Common Friends Can Help

If you like a guy and the two of you have common friends, the best way to get to know him better is to ask your friend to introduce you to him. Maybe the three of you could hang out till you feel comfortable with him. Also, a common friend knows a lot about both of you and can stop you if he/she thinks you are too different to be together.
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Play Hard to Get

I do not know what it is, but from past experience, guys dig girls that are not easy to get. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that you should play hard to get. Don’t come off as some easy girl that any guy can have. Guys like a game of cat and mouse every once in awhile. Pretty soon, he will ask you out...trust me.


Be Nice to the Guy

Of course, unless you are in kindergarten, you should be nice to him. No throwing pine cones at him on the playground, no throwing his books in the trash and laughing. Don’t pester him. After middle school, this type of flirting should have vanished. You can still flirt with him, but in a nice, grownup way.


Smile at Him

A smile does not take much at all. Smile at the guy when he is passing by. If he smiles back at you, do not think that he is automatically interested in you. However, a warm smile on your end may be enticing to him and it may make him notice you.


Dress Nicely

Guys have a tendency to like girls who have a good sense of style. But don't change yourself completely just to get a guy. A little tweaking on the other hand doesn't hurt though. Apart from this, also use a great scent of perfume. Just one thing… make sure you do not overdo that perfume. You do not want to suffocate him when he walks past you.

I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, so if you are trying to get a guy, it will happen… eventually. What you need to do is have some advice and do not overdo any of these things. If you need any more advice, feel free to ask me. Or do you have some tips to share on how to get that guy?

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I got me a boy friend but he says I'm so negative about life i just a very realistic person.What if that's what guys see as a cold hearted person though my friends say i'm to nice but if this is the case what can i do to fix it.The lack of social anything could be hurting me.What can i do i dont get to go out like at all and i mean at all!The fact that my life is live in books and gaming is just sad :(.I need to find a social coach were would you find once of them?The fact is i need help O.o .

Thank you for your info i do love my scars them remind me what i have then through and how i over came what most can not.I guess is so sick of being alone that i ask my self is it me if so how can i fix it.I some times think maybe sit my standers to high or maybe i dont even know what i'm looking for i just want some one that can understand me.I do think there are some guys that like me in my class but they dont get up and talk to me.Do i scare them or is it that fact i wont put out or were make up or dress up.Just dont want to end up being alone you know sigh i try to get my self up with school and work but you can only stray your self from worries.

These always make it seem so easy to get a guy, but I'm finding it so hard! There's always so many things missing..!!

hey i like this boy at my school and you can so tell he likes me he....blushes often around me,looks at me when im not looking smiles and looks into my eyes alot,even makes moves on me like putting his arm around me yet he wont ask me out!!!! how can i tell him i like him back with out saying anything to him!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the type of girl that dose not were make up unless i have to go to something important.I have not had a boy friend in like about a year.Though i do not hide behind a screen for my intelligents.I don't get out as much or go out with my friends i have like no life :( .I just think there is something wrong with me for the fact i can't get one.The sad part is that i think because i had open heart surgery i have a scar on my chest that you can see no matter what kind of shirt i were and also have a small hole in my neck and i some times i think its because of that i can't get one.I am so sick of hearing you just have not meet the right one i just want some one to under stand me is that so hard to find?

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