10 Signs He is Married ...


10 Signs He is Married ...
10 Signs He is Married ...

What are the signs he’s married? Today, in the age of Internet dating, I found it hard to tell if the guy is married or not! When you date someone online, it is easy to date a man who is married without even realizing it. If you are having long distance romance, then it is even easier. I suppose there are women out there that are guilty for this kind of crap too, but right now, I am going to focus on men. I want to look at 10 signs he is married. These are some signs you need to take note if you are still dating. I’m not going to deal with the obvious one, which is that you have never been over to his house…

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You do Not Have His Home Phone Number

You do Not Have His Home Phone Number You ask for his home phone number, but he does not give it to you. He will only give you his cell phone number. When his cell phone battery runs out and you want to speak with him on the home phone, he always makes up an excuse not to. He will not even call you through his home phone. He’s married, he isn’t stupid. He knows you will get a whiff of that ring and when you finally do, he does not want you calling his house. His five kids have school in the morning and his wife looks no good without proper sleep. Girl, if you do not have that landline, then he is obviously hiding something for you.

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He Buses His Own Dishes

He Buses His Own Dishes Face it, if he takes care of his own dishes, then he is obviously trained and is probably married. No, being divorced on this one does not count either. When men are divorced, they go back to their slovenly ways pretty fast. These usually get worse after being divorced.

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He Puts the Toilet Seat up when He Pees

He Puts the Toilet Seat up when He Pees Face it, if the guy is not married, then he is not going to be putting that toilet seat up every single time he uses the bathroom. If he puts the toilet seat up when he pees, then you know that something is going on and he may have a wife. He either lives with his wife or his mother – the latter may be even worse.

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He’s Obsessed with All Kinky Things

He’s Obsessed with All Kinky Things Generally, when a married man cheats, he does so because he is not getting it so well at home. This guy is obsessed with the kinky things. He wants you to do all the kinky things to him. Umm, you know, things his wife never does at home for him. There is a small exception for that and that is the fact that if you are dating a nineteen year old…

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He Wears Those Tighty Whities

He Wears Those Tighty Whities Okay, does he wear tighty whities? When a man gets married, they don’t really care about the underwear they have on. Wives have a tendency to go out of their way not to look. Single men care about their underwear and it is likely that they will be wearing something besides those old tighty whities. Sure, he wishes he could wear something that is sexy for you, but on the same note, he knows that if he got caught in those leopard banana hammocks, he’d be in the dog house.

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When He Buys Stuff, He Pays in Cash

When He Buys Stuff, He Pays in Cash Without me telling you have an explanation behind this, you can figure it out, can’t you? Duh! Those credit card statements can easily be accessed by his wife. You know, the girl he married back at home. Don’t you think she would get a bit upset if she say “Honeymoon suite at the Ritz” on that credit card statement? That is why he is so smooth and pays with cash. Exception: He has bad credit.

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Ending Internet Chat Unexpectedly

Ending Internet Chat Unexpectedly When you are speaking to him and having a great conversation, right in the middle of it, does he end it and doesn’t say anything back? If so, that could be because his wife walked in on him at that point. Either that or he’s a little boy and his mom walked in on him. Either way you go, you need to check into this one, especially if it keeps happening.

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You Have That Feeling

You Have That Feeling Women have a tendency to have that intuition. Yes, it’s so good that it is scary sometimes. If you have that feeling deep down inside of you, then you may be right. The man you are dating may be married.

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When You Ask Him He is Not Comfortable

When You Ask Him He is Not Comfortable Okay, so you are the type that hates beating around the bush. I know, I feel you, I am exactly the same way. You want to know if he is married right then and there. So, you ask him. When you ask him, he starts to get uncomfortable and changes the subject.

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Tan Line on His Left Ring Finger

Tan Line on His Left Ring Finger Okay, this one is a major giveway. Is he wearing a ring on his wedding finger? Okay, then he’s married and forgot to take it off or his wife purchased it so small that he can’t take it off! If a ring sits on the finger for awhile, when it is removed, a band will appear. Do you see that? Okay, he’s married.

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Sometimes, it’s easy to recognize the signs he is married. So, if you think he is married, then you may want to back away a bit. However, if you think he’s a good guy and you do not want him to move out of your grasp, then you could easily do a background check on him. You can obtain background checks easily on the Internet. I’ve done it many times before. So, what about you? Have you ever dated a married man? How did you find out he was married? What was the outcome?

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I guess the tan line is the final proof, although some men don't like to wear the ring. Really Fatima? well I think this is how the people have become these days and it's very difficult to find someone that really doesn't cheat. And I bet that those who said that cheating is healthy for marriage were probably men and they were not thinking about the return favor, or just women who married out of interest :)

I don't feel the land line home phone is a good indicator these days. I only know two people in the circles I run in that have land line phones. Most have two cell phones, some more.

I could never understand how a man can get away with such evil....so dirty and unworthy!!! My problem with the matter is majority of the looser cannot even be honest about the situation. A woman sometimes don't have an option intel some of the signs are aware. Such scum bags.

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