10 Signs He is Married ...

What are the signs he’s married? Today, in the age of Internet dating, I found it hard to tell if the guy is married or not! When you date someone online, it is easy to date a man who is married without even realizing it. If you are having long distance romance, then it is even easier. I suppose there are women out there that are guilty for this kind of crap too, but right now, I am going to focus on men. I want to look at 10 signs he is married. These are some signs you need to take note if you are still dating. I’m not going to deal with the obvious one, which is that you have never been over to his house…

10. You do Not Have His Home Phone Number

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You ask for his home phone number, but he does not give it to you. He will only give you his cell phone number. When his cell phone battery runs out and you want to speak with him on the home phone, he always makes up an excuse not to. He will not even call you through his home phone. He’s married, he isn’t stupid. He knows you will get a whiff of that ring and when you finally do, he does not want you calling his house. His five kids have school in the morning and his wife looks no good without proper sleep. Girl, if you do not have that landline, then he is obviously hiding something for you.

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