10 Signs He's Not Going to Call ...


10 Signs He's Not Going to Call ...
10 Signs He's Not Going to Call ...

I've come up with a list of signs he's not going to call after your first date. Some of these have happened to me and some have happened to friends of mine. I know there are more out there, but here is my list of 10. I hope none of these signs have recently showed up during your most recent date!

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You Notice He's Talking to Other People More than to You

You Notice He's Talking to Other People More than to You Photo Credit: chriskenworthy

You're out on a date with this guy and realize that you aren't really part of the conversations that seem to be going on. Your date runs into friends and chats away, he talks to the waiter about everything on the menu, he even gets yakkity with the table next to you. No matter how many times you try to join in on the conversation, it just doesn't seem to fly.


He Talks about Other Women While on Your Date

He Talks about Other Women While on Your Date Photo Credit: kimmychau

Have you been on a date with a guy that talks about other women he's been with most of the evening? Not even exes, but just women in general. This sort of makes him seem like a player, which is possibly why he talks about it. To me, this is one of the sure signs he won't call. I always feel like he would rather be with one of them and I must not be measuring up to them. I guess this kind of talk might be impressive, if I was one of the guys. But, since I'm not, I take it as a sign.


He Spends More Time Looking around the Room than at You

He Spends More Time Looking around the Room than at You Photo Credit: SydneyWalker

There are some guys that always seem to be looking for someone else while they are with you. It's like you're the stand-in for the next person and you are just keeping him company until she gets there. It sort of doesn't really feel like a date when this happens. I always wonder if I were to get up and leave if he would even notice I was gone from the table!


Very Few Questions or Responses Are Posed towards You

Very Few Questions or Responses Are Posed towards You Photo Credit: virginiaz

This behavior sometimes goes along with the sign mentioned above in number 8. The guy seems genuinely disinterested. When this happens, I often feel like we should end the date at that moment. It almost feels like torture to sit there and try to get him to speak more than a few syllables at a time. It's even harder when he won't make eye contact as he does that as well. This is another one of those signs he's not going to call.


Walks in Front of You on Your Date

Walks in Front of You on Your Date Photo Credit: Raphael Borja

I was on this date once where I basically felt like a puppy being taken for a walk. He walked in front of me the entire time, sort of like he was out on a stroll and I just happened to be going in the same direction. It wasn't like he was just a step in front. He was far enough that I could have ducked into a doorway and he wouldn't have noticed until he got to his final destination. At times like this, you wonder how you even got on this date.


He Doesn't Introduce You when He Runs into Friends on Your Date

He Doesn't Introduce You when He Runs into Friends on Your Date Photo Credit: Prestwick

If he doesn't even take time to introduce you to friends that he sees while you are out, he must not be planning on giving you a call later for another date. This seems like a sure sign that he feels this is a one time thing and no since getting the friends involved, since you won't be sticking around. Even if he didn't introduce you by name, but as "my date," this is a better sign than nothing at all.


There Aren't Plans for Another Date

There Aren't Plans for Another Date Photo Credit: smoothdude

When you get to the end of the night, or whenever your date ends, and there's not even a hint of a date in the future, there's a strong possibility that he isn't planning on calling later. This might be it for the dating thing going on between you two. Hopefully, the night wasn't a total flop and you at least got to enjoy a good movie or a game of putt-putt.


You Hear Him Make a Date with Someone else

You Hear Him Make a Date with Someone else Photo Credit: pixel.eight

When this happens, you don't even have to wonder if he'll call. This is almost one of those jaw-dropping situations. I don't know if I would actually sit and finish the date if this were to happen to me. He would probably consider himself to be lucky if all I did was walk out, as opposed to what could happen. I take this situation to mean that he sees me as a trial run for his next date, so he can try his best tricks and see what works and what doesn't.


He Refers to You by the Wrong Name

He Refers to You by the Wrong Name Photo Credit: carrielkoch {needs something to bloom.}

If he can't remember who he's on a date with, how is he ever going to remember to call you? I find it fascinating when this happens at the end of the night. I often wonder if he sat there half the time trying to figure out how to ask me what my name was or if it even crossed his mind. I guess some people make a decision at the beginning of a date, as to whether or not this date will go anywhere. I think if the guy has made his mind up in the beginning that this is the only date there's going to be, then he sees no reason to remember the name of his date.


He Drops You off without Talking

He Drops You off without Talking Photo Credit: Everything and the rest

I think this is a sure way of how to know if he'll call. If he drops you off without saying a word, you can bet he won't be ringing you up later on. The best is when he starts to take off before you even have the door fully closed. Amazing.

Everyone always wants their date to go well, or to at least have more than one date before it's quits. Do you have signs that tell you how to know if he'll call? I'm sure by the end of the date, there was something that happened to let you know that there for sure wasn't going to be a phone call coming from this guy!

Top Photo Credit: miriness

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*UgH* How I used to hate to wait for that call, that was to determinate what future there is with the guy I liked!

Hopefully this article will open the eyes of many intelligent women and help them find the guy that will call!

So helpful! Sometimes we just wait for "that call", without noticing this on a previous date... and then, we're with our hearts broken, lol... Very nice! To have our eyes wide open! :) Thank you Melanie! :)

Very true.. totally helpful

Hey guys I have a problem and I hope you can help me! My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about one month now and everything's been going great! Well...until two days ago. We had arranged to meet up for a drink on Friday night and he said he would text me in the day to let me know when he could make it over (he was relying on a lift from his Mum). I resisted the temptation to text him first as the hours went by but it reached 9:20pm and I still hadn't heard from him so I texted him. I got no reply from him all night and so I knew we wouldn't be seeing each other. The next day I expected him to send me a deeply apologetic message explaining why he hadn't called but NOTHING! So I sent him another text plus one to his Mum's phone which he sometimes uses if he runs out of credit. I'm sat here at my computer at 11:00pm and I've still heard nothing. I've even tried to call his phone and his Mum's but no reply! I'm getting kinda worried now incase something bad has happened to him, I may just be paranoid! He's not the kind of person to just not call, and I know this isn't him ending things with me because he's very honest and open and we have talked about literally everything together. I'm so worried and confused and wondering what to do if tomorrow I still don't hear a thing!! PLEASE HELP ME!! ;(

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