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7 Ways to Know He's Not into You ...

By Fawn

I don’t know about you ladies but I know for a fact that in my 20 years of life I’ve already wasted too much time on men that just weren’t interested. And just about every time that things with these guys end, I look back and think “How did I miss all those signs?” Well ladies, miss no more, waste no more time. These are the 7 sure fire ways to know he’s not into you!

1 You Have to Make Contact

You Have to Make ContactPhoto Credit: stutefish

Does it seem like you’re always the one to call, text, say hi in person? Then stop making excuses for him. My grandmother gave me the best advice ever when I was 15 “If a man really likes you there is nothing that will keep him from making contact.” And that is true at any age. If he likes you, he won’t hesitate to break the silence.

2 He is Not Affectionate

He is Not AffectionatePhoto Credit: Bolo-head Man

Now I know for a fact that some men just aren’t into hand holding and cuddling up in public but your guy has to at least be a little affectionate. If he likes you and can see you spending a lot of time together in the future he won’t mind grabbing your hand at the movies. He won’t mind you resting your head on your shoulder. And he really won’t mind showing you that he likes you with the little things.

3 He Doesn’t Make Solid Plans

He Doesn’t Make Solid PlansPhoto Credit: Jackie Kever (Travelling)

This is one that we let slide a bit too much ladies. Vague plans of “hanging out later” or “Seeing what happens” are not plans. I understand that people lead busy lives but if you can set aside a certain time period for him then he should be able to do the same for you. Don’t let him get away with making you feel like a backup plan.

4 You’re Only Together for… Bedroom Time

You’re Only Together for… Bedroom TimePhoto Credit: [phil h]

It’s a new day and age and sometimes we grown up women sleep with men even before things get a little serious. It may not be the best thing to do but it happens. But, if you’re dating a guy and all your time is spent sleeping together chances are the relationships will never leave the bedroom. If you’re alright with that then that’s your choice but if you want more you have to get past that bedroom door threshold.

5 He Tells You That It’s Ok to See Other Men

He Tells You That It’s Ok to See Other MenPhoto Credit: jenac

If a guy’s telling you it’s ok to see other guys then chances are, he doesn’t mind letting you go. You’re pretty great and if your guy really likes you, he won’t want another guy realizing this and trying to move in on you. If he’s telling you it’s alright to see other men, maybe you should, after breaking up with him.

6 He’s Seeing Someone else

He’s Seeing Someone elsePhoto Credit: Ben Heine

If he’s seeing someone else run the other way! If he has a girlfriend, wife or any other type of significant other that he’s with, he will never leave them for you and even if he does, that’s not a man that you want anyway. It’s ok to date other people in the beginning but when you get serious, he should too.

7 He Ditches You

He Ditches YouPhoto Credit: Marxpix

If you make plans and he calls to tell you he can’t make it or he just doesn’t show up, it seems pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to spend time with you. Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses than admit that fact but, you have to admit it and move on. You’re not going to get anywhere with a guy you can’t see!

Well ladies hopefully this hasn’t ended too many relationships! Just remember men aren’t dogs just because they’re not interested, no one can help who they’re attracted to. We just need to be able to walk away when we realize they’re not interested. It’s not fair to waste anyone’s time!

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