7 Ways to Know That He is Mr. Wrong ...


There is nothing worse than spending months invested in a relationship only to find out that the guy is not right for you. How disappointing and disheartening! Instead of wasting your time on a relationship that is doomed from the start, use these clues to discover if your current man is “the one.” Here are seven ways to know if he is Mr. Wrong.

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He Hates Your Family

Do you really want to spend your life with a guy who can’t stand your family? It is really important that he is able to get along with them and that they can accept him for who he is. If they don’t get along, you might want to reconsider. After all, isn't family forever?


Your Friends Don’t like Him

Your friends know you better than anyone. If they think he is totally wrong for you, chances are that they are right. Listen to their opinions and then take their advice to heart. Ask why they dislike him, and truly listen to what they say.


You Have Nothing in Common

It takes more than love to build a future. If you have no common interests, what will happen in a few years when your initial passion begins to cool off? You need some common ground to sustain a relationship, like a common interest in books, music, or sky-diving.


You Have Everything in Common

While some commonalities are good, it is important to have some balance. If you are too much alike, things can get boring. A few differences keep a romance spicy! Remember, opposites attract!


There is No Chemistry

When you kiss him, do you feel sparks? If not, you might want to think again before you commit. Relationships are about more than physical passion, but a little chemistry can go a long way in the long run.


You Have Major Religious Differences

There are some differences that you can get past in a relationship, but different religious beliefs can be a huge problem. If you stay together for many years, then it can cause a lot of problems if you worship differently. How would you raise your children? Can you find a way to get past this?


You Have Different Goals for the Future

If you want to end up living in the suburbs with four kids and he is dreaming of life in the city with no rug rats in tow, then you might have a problem. Can you compromise? Or are your future plans just too different? Make sure you both want the same things for your future if you are going to stick it out for the long haul.

These seven clues might reveal that your current man is Mr. Wrong. Take some time to think about it and decide if he is a waste of your time. For who wants to waste time when Mr. Right might be just around the corner? What are some other things that tip you off that a guy is not right for you?

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All sounds familiar.. my boyfriend might be MR. Wrong

I'm not sure if I spelt anonymous right... Anyway, I'm not being in-your-face, but I just got 0/7 for this one, see there was this guy who was reeaalllly sweet to me, like almost rom-com/romantic novel, and for some IDIOTIC reason i just didn't go out with him and, eventually (and obviously) he got sorta depressed and 'gave-up' but left it to my best friends to tell me. It's been ages now and I wasn't sure whether to ask him out and everything because he's just broken up from this relationship with this really nice, pretty girl (I'm not going to lie, she's like this perfect girl you can't help but like - which makes it even more complicated). I've sort of been mooching this weekend and reading blogs etc and came accross this, and well i got 0/7... but i've done some of those "Mr.Right" tests and i've got sort of 6,7 or 8 out of 10, but his friends are the type of people who never leave him alone and would spread it all over school (Secondary School - about 1200 AND my BROTHERS), and i'm not sure he'd actually say YES, i really like this guy and need some advice!!! ps. sorry for long post.

The religious differences can be crushing. My ex tried very hard to convert me and I honestly tried, but it didn't work. I would just be there wishing I could believe, but I couldn't and I felt like I wasn't my own person. i was someone he had fashioned for himself.

"You have nothing in common"....something to check out at the first place.

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