7 Clues You Are Ready for Marriage ...


7 Clues You Are Ready for Marriage ...
7 Clues You Are Ready for Marriage ...

Being with someone for a long period of time often leads to the question, “Am I ready to marry this person?” This can be a tough question to answer. Each person is different and it can be hard to know if you can truly trust your feelings or not. Here are 7 clues you are ready for marriage that might be helpful to you. These are merely suggestions and won’t be accurate for everyone.

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Putting Your Needs Last Isn’t an Issue

Putting Your Needs Last Isn’t an Issue Photo Credit: lumi ®

People who have lived alone for many years often have a hard time thinking of others. They have often been conditioned to take care of themselves and try to make sure they put themselves first. If you only have yourself to worry about, then don’t you usually do what makes you happiest? When you come to the point that your happiness means less to you than the happiness you are able to create your significant other, then you just might be ready to make the next step; marriage.


You Trust and Love This Person Completely

You Trust and Love This Person Completely Photo Credit: Whipped Bakeshop

In my opinion, there’s nothing more important in a relationship than a perfect balance of love and trust. Of course, this has to go both ways. When there isn’t any doubt in your mind about the love and trust you have for this person and that it is seemingly endless, then this is definitely a good sign that there could easily be a wedding in the near future.


There’s No Separation between Families Anymore

There’s No Separation between Families Anymore Photo Credit: arkworld

Have you ever been with a person for so long that there really isn’t any difference between families? They sort of mesh together after a while and there isn’t a prominent distinction between ‘My Parents’ and ‘Your Parents’. Everyone is one big happy family and accepting of each other. It’s always easier to talk about marriage to someone when you know your family likes this person as much as you do.


You Want to Share Your Life with This Person

You Want to Share Your Life with This Person Photo Credit: RedFeather Photography

I remember when my husband and I were dating. Finally, we came to the point where it would make things much easier to get married and combine families, as well as furnishings. Not only would it be easier, but we both wanted this lack of separation between us. There comes a time when you no longer want to live separately and you relish every waking moment with this other person.


You Love the Little Quirks

You Love the Little Quirks Photo Credit: __sheena

There are some quirks that irritate me to no end, but none that my husband exhibit. I’ve noticed that when you truly love someone, you overlook the little oddities they have and accept them for who they are. This is usually how I knew relationships were over in the past. Certain quirks became more noticeable the further apart we drifted. Eventually I became very annoyed with these quirks and they were no longer cute. Thankfully, my husband isn’t a quirky kind of guy!


The Idea of Marriage Isn’t Scary

The Idea of Marriage Isn’t Scary Photo Credit: r_r_r_r_robert

The mere thought of marriage is sometimes enough to send some people bolting in the opposite direction. If you can think about marriage and even imagine your entire wedding, then you’ll probably be alright. Sometimes talking to a close friend about your fears about marriage is enough to put these fears to rest.


You Want to Settle down

You Want to Settle down Photo Credit: Through Joanne's eye

I’ve had friends that immediately begin talking about marriage when they start a relationship with someone. This has a tendency to scare the other person off or at least make it a bit awkward at times. However, if you sincerely are looking forward to the idea of settling down with someone, then I think you will be more attracted to a person with the same idea. If you both are looking for someone to settle down with, then marriage shouldn’t be an issue.

These 7 clues you are ready for marriage might be ones you have already discovered on your own. Marriage is a huge step for most people. It is a big commitment, but a fantastic one, in my opinion. Can you think of any other clues that you could add to this list?

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