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7 Reasons a Guy Doesn't Call Back after the First Date ...

By Melanie

People go on dates all the time. Sometimes those dates don’t work out and sometimes the date equals success. Did you recently go on a date and still, the guy has not called you back? If so, don’t sweat it, below, I am going to give you 7 reasons why a guy doesn’t call the girl back after the first date

7 He Didn’t like You

Yeah, this may be a good reason that the guy did not call you back after your first date. That’s okay, because there are plenty of other guys out there that are worth dating. Those guys will give you the time of the day – remember that love takes patience.

6 You Looked Nothing like Your Picture

If the two of you met online through a dating profile and you posted a picture of you from 12 years ago, then this could be a reason. I’m not trying to be mean about this one, I’m just telling you that some guys are like this. If you run across a guy that doesn’t care how you look and loves you anyways, then that would be a real keeper.

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5 You Talked Too Much

You Talked Too MuchPhoto Credit: miriness

Okay, some guys do not like it when girls talk so much to the point that the guy can’t even get a word in. If you talked a lot and he didn’t call you back after the first date, then this could be the reason why. Again, you don’t need him anyways if this were the reason. If you like to talk, then you need someone who likes to listen.

4 Red Flags

Red FlagsPhoto Credit: photofixation

The guy may have some seen or felt things that he does not like. You may have done those things but it's not your fault. This could have sent some red flags off for him and he is steering away from you.

3 He’s Married

He’s MarriedPhoto Credit: SKT Digital Productions

Yeah, this one is harsh, but sometimes, girls will fall into this trap. If the guy is married, then he may not be able to find time to call you back. Isn’t this sad?

2 He Went out of Town

He Went out of TownPhoto Credit: FromJoanne

Stop thinking that you even did anything wrong. He could have had an emergency and went out of town. I know, this doesn’t explain why he has not been calling you, not exactly, because he has a phone with him, but he could be too caught up in the trip.

1 He Forgot Your Number

He could have forgotten your phone number! Sometimes, people lose phone numbers on accident and have no way to reach you. If you have his e-mail, then send him a quick e-mail. If you do not have his e-mail and a week or two has passed, then give him a call. If he doesn’t answer, leave a message on his answering machine. If he still doesn’t call you back – then he’s just not that into you.

Those are 7 reasons why a guy doesn’t call a girl back after the first date. If you are a girl going through this, then you should not think that it is your fault. It’s not your fault. Perhaps you’re just not his type. Don’t worry, because the right guy is waiting for you right now, just give it time. Do you have any first date stories you would like to tell on here today/tonight?

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