10 Signs He's Never Going to Give You a Call Back ...

Are you sitting by the phone, anxiously waiting for a call from your dreamy date last week only for it never to ring? It's definitely frustrating, especially when you thought there was really something there. But did you know that there are specific reasons guys never call back? Yes, it's true! Of course, there are always a few guys that never call back simply because they are jerks. We're talking about the good men out there that would have called back but may not have done so because of something you said or did that turned them off. Here are ten reasons guys never call back that you may want to keep in mind the next time you go on a date.

1. Being Rude to Employees

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Have you ever ignored the waitress? Have you treated the movie ticket agent like crap because the show you wanted was sold out? Not that you should do these things ever, but if you want your date to call you back, it's especially important to portray manners and be polite. Make it a conscientious effort. After all they are people too. Eye contact is just as important as your tone of voice, so be warm and genuine.

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