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8 Signs You Are Trying Too Hard on a First Date ...

By Aprille

Making a good first impression is important to most people, but this is sometimes difficult to do. It is actually possible to try too hard to make a good impression on someone when it comes to dating as well. If you have recently made or been invited on a date by someone for the first time, you might want to take a look at the following list. I’ve posted 8 signs you are trying too hard on a first date for you to take into consideration.

8 The Date Ends Earlier than You Expected

Dates tend to vary in length, but most people have an idea of how long theirs is going to last when they meet for the date. If things begin to go horribly wrong, then you are probably going to be happy that the date ended early. But, if it seems like things are going well – on your end – but the date still comes to a close rather quickly, then this could very well mean you were trying to hard to make the event work.

7 You Are Clumsier than Usual

I tend to be more of a klutz when I try harder to be less clumsy. Sometimes people think too hard about their actions and end up making more of a mess than usual.

6 All You Can do is Argue

There are a number of instances that can cause arguments to break out and most are caused by one individual trying too hard to be in charge. Arguing over what movie to see, where the meal should be eaten, or which activity should be next on the agenda is just plain silly. Try to go with the flow and not be too controlling of the situation when on your date.

5 Your Date Looks at You with an Odd Expression

On a first date it’s a good idea to be rather conservative in your actions, what you say, and which topics you decide to discuss. It isn’t uncommon for one person to try to impress the other and fail miserably. Hopefully you won’t try so hard to be entertaining to your date that you end up making a fool of yourself. Be on the lookout for any quizzical looks your date gives you, they could be an early warning sign that you are close to freaking your date out!

4 You Are Too Nervous to Enjoy the Date

Nervousness is a natural reaction for many people, especially when they are experiencing something completely new to them. You can easily become so intent on trying to enjoy yourself that you end up making yourself a nervous wreck. If you aren’t normally a nervous person, then this sudden loss of mental and emotional stability could be from you trying extra hard at having an enjoyable time.

3 Questions Keep Pouring from Your Mouth

Do you find yourself asking random questions in order to keep the conversation going? Relax and let the conversation take a course of its own. Forcing it to continue when it’s better to sit in silence is only going to make matters worse.

2 You Are Afraid to Speak

This is at the opposite end of the spectrum than the previous sign. Some people are filled with endless chatter, while others are completely tongue-tied when on a first date. Even a person who is normally quiet will eventually ease up enough and start chatting amiably with his/her date. Just toss out a question or two and see if you can get the ball rolling.

1 You Feel like You’re at an Interview Instead of on a Date

If you truly aren’t having any fun at all, but you like the person you are on the date with, then I’d take this as a sure sign you are trying too hard. This should be a relaxing time, not one filled with question after question and you shouldn’t feel you are constantly being put on the spot. Sometimes it feels like you are being interviewed by your date, when really he/she is simply trying to get to know you better. Offer some information of your own so your date doesn’t have to pry it out of you. This should reduce some of the tension in the atmosphere.

Out of these 8 signs you are trying too hard on a first date, which one have you experienced? If you have any suggestions on how to avoid any of these signs, feel free to add them in the comment section.

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