8 Signs That You Are a Bad Friend ...


8 Signs That You Are a Bad Friend ...
8 Signs That You Are a Bad Friend ...

We would all like to believe that we make good friends. But, many a times, we do not live up to the expectations we have set for ourselves and hurt the people that are closest to us. If you have a feeling that perhaps you are not being such a good friend to your friends, read on. Here are 8 signs that you’re a bad friend.

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Consider Yourself Superior to Them

If you ever feel that you are better than your friend that is a sure sign that you are being a bad friend. Friendship is not about one-upmanship. The other way this can manifest is if you feel ashamed of your friends, who they are and what they do and would like to keep it secret from other people in your life.


Go to Them Only when You Need Them

If you find that you go to your friends only when you need them or something from them and not otherwise, you may be being a bad friend. If you feel no inclination to be for your friends when they need you or just to hang out with them, then there is truly something wrong in the relationship.


Not Listen to Them

This is one of the biggest signs that you’re a bad friend. If you find that you really don’t care about what your friend has to tell you or that you can’t wait for your friend to finish speaking so that you can say your bit, you are surely being a bad friend.


You’re in It for Selfish Reasons

If you are friends with someone just because of all the things they can do for you or for all the resources that they can put at your disposal, you are being selfish and not a very good friend.


Take More than You Give

Even if your friend has more resources than you do, there are many ways in which you can share and give to your friends. If you find that you are taking more from them rather than giving, it could mean that you are a bad friend.


Lie to Them

This is certainly one of the most obvious signs that you’re being a bad friend. If you lie to your friends on a regular basis, irrespective of the reasons, you are being a bad friend.


Gossip about Them

If you gossip about your friends behind their backs and run them down in front of other people, you are surely being a bad friend.


Betray Their Confidence

If you betray the confidence your friend has in you, there is no doubt that you are being a bad friend.

Look within yourself and see if any of these 8 signs that you’re a bad friend are something you can relate to. Bad friendships leave a very bad taste in the mouth and can be very painful. If you cannot be a true friend, you may as well terminate the relationship.

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Yaya! i'ma good friend! I don't do any of these stuff... i actually feel good!

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