5 Ways to Look as Good as Your Gorgeous Friend ...


5 Ways to Look as Good as Your Gorgeous Friend ...
5 Ways to Look as Good as Your Gorgeous Friend ...

{Today, we have a useful post on what it's like to be a girl with a gorgeous friend. This has been written for us by Katie of Brighton Mix. Thanks, Katie! xoxo}

We’ve all got one. A gorgeous friend who always looks fabulous, has great hair, sparkling eyes, lovely teeth, wonderful clothes, etc. You love her to bits as she has the personality to match, but can’t help your natural female competitiveness making you feel just a tiny bit envious of her. Don’t let it get you down; instead of wallowing over what she’s got that you haven’t, take some simple steps to make yourself feel better and be a little bit more gorgeous. It’s easier than you think!

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Arrange a Pampering or Pyjama Party

Invite all of your female friends over for a makeover or pampering party, asking them to bring their favourite beauty products with them to share. This way you can see and try the lovely products that your friend uses to help her be so gorgeous (we all need a bit of help and guarantee she’s getting it from somewhere!) and if you’re lucky then she’ll show you how to use the product. It’s a great idea for socialising, too.


Visit the Cosmetic Counters for Some Window Shopping

Visit the Cosmetic Counters for Some Window Shopping Photo Credit: orangeacid

In most department stores the major brand cosmetic counters are competing with each other to draw in your custom. If you see a keen and professional looking beauty sales girl armed with brushes and tweezers – don’t run away! The likelihood is that she’ll be able to offer you a complementary make-over or make-up lesson to showcase her products to you. Be careful though,I once left a store with my left side made up so I could compare it to my bare-faced right side with no offer from the beautician to make the two sides match!


Check out the Daily Deals Sites

The new trend for daily deals sites is taking the Internet shopping world by storm. There’s no shortage of great offers for us to take advantage of as online marketers all scream for attention. Sign up to a beauty deals site and your inbox will be flooding with discounted hairdressing, skin products, and spa deals.


Go out for Lunch or Dinner with Her

Go out for Lunch or Dinner with Her Photo Credit: Shahram Sharif

Having a meal with your gorgeous friend is a valuable insight into her eating and drinking habits. If you’re sitting their knocking back the Pinot Grigio and pizza while she sips on an Evian, and nibbles on a salad, there’s your answer. Beauty starts from the inside out and if you feed your body with good fuel your skin will thank you for it and your teeth will be less likely to look stained if you stay away from coffee and red wine.


Be Confident in Your Own Skin

Be Confident in Your Own Skin Photo Credit: orangeacid

Confidence is the most attractive feature anyone can have. Ok, so you may still be envious of your gorgeous friend, but be grateful of what you do have and you’ll ooze confidence and appeal.

Top Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

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I think its ridiculous as a grown woman to try to be like another woman. High School was years ago. I think this article could have been better if it were "5 ways to look your best" Women need to stop trying to be someone else and be happy with themselves.

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