8 Signs You Are a Terrible Girlfriend ...

By Melanie

8 Signs You Are a Terrible Girlfriend ...

You’re a terrible girlfriend! Wait, no you’re the best girlfriend! Which one do you think you are? Do you think you are terrible or do you think you are the best? Of course, we all try to be the best, but sometimes, we’re just terrible. Below, I am going to give you 8 signs you are a terrible girlfriend …

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8 You Lie to Your Boyfriend

If you lie to your boyfriend, then you are bad. You should never lie. Now, telling simple lies, such as what you are getting them is fine, but when it comes to lying to them about who you were with, how late you were out and where you were at, then that is terrible. You should always be honest with your boyfriend.

7 You Cheat on Your Boyfriend

This is horrible! If you cheat on your boyfriend, then you should be ashamed of yourself. When you tell him and I am assuming you are going to tell him, you will get to watch his heart rip in half. It’s not really pretty to lead a guy on and then cheat on them in the process.

6 You Flirt with Other Guys

When you get a boyfriend, you should turn the flirting knob off. It is not polite or respectful to flirt with other guys when you have a boyfriend. Besides, you will be leading those other guys on and that is never good. You do not want to send mixed messages.

5 You Talk Bad about Your Boyfriend

Come on, why do you talk bad about your boyfriend? You should never do this. Sure, he may have some bad habits, but you shouldn’t do this behind his back – unless, of course, you are trying to get some advice on how to fix a situation.

4 You Secretly Hate Him

When you look at your boyfriend, you secretly hate him. You can’t explain why you have hateful feelings and thoughts for him, but you do. Now, this is terrible and a bit strange. Why are you still with him if you have these feelings?

3 You Live off of His Money

This is very low. Now, I can understand if you lose your job for a couple of months and you work together on this, but if you do nothing, but live off of his money and go on shopping sprees with it, then you are a terrible boyfriend and he probably knows this.

2 You Make Him do Everything

You make your boyfriend do everything from going to work and coming home to do dishes, clean, wash clothes and everything, while you go shopping. I don’t think there are many out there like this, right? But if you do this, then you are definitely terrible – I am talking about doing this every single day.

1 You Get an Abortion without Telling Him

I know, this is going to raise a lot of comments, but I have to be honest with you. If the child is his, then he at least deserves to know what you are doing. Getting an abortion without telling him is not good. It’s a part of him too, you now.

That is 8 signs you are a terrible girlfriend. I hope you do not have all 8 of these signs! If so, then you may want to find a way to improve your habits that you have! Name some other things that make you a terrible girlfriend – let’s see how long we can make this list!

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Seriously, does anyone need to have this explained to them?

These are all true but sometimes you just can't help but to talk bad about him sometimes you just need to vent

getting an abortion without telling the father is the absolute worst thing you can do as a girlfriend and he will never forgive you if he was to find out

Why is almost every post you write so negative? Couldn't you have titled it something a little nicer? I thought this place was to make girls feel GOOD, not horrible for making a mistake with their boyfriends.

I don't feel like a bad girlfriend, but these are some helpful signs that I can come back to if I relize I'm getting to a bad girlfriend. And I asked my boyfriend if I would ever be a bad mom when he and I get married, and he said," No, you will make a great mom," so I hope I will be. :)

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