8 Signs That You Are Perfect Girlfriend Material ...

Occasionally you hear guys talk about how perfect their girlfriend is or that their friend’s girlfriend is. I don’t mean perfect in the sense that she does no wrong, but she’s considered to be the best girlfriend ever. I’m sure many women wonder if they would be considered girlfriend material. I’ve written what I think just might be 8 signs that you are perfect girlfriend material. See if you agree.

8. You Don’t Nag

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No guy likes a person who gets on his case about every little thing. Moms are supposed to do that, not girlfriends. Even if he puts up with it from time to time, try to be aware whenever you are nagging him about something. There are times when you need to take a deep breath and let the little things go. If something truly bothers you, then speak up about it. You might want to wait a bit until you’ve cooled down and can laugh about it more. It’s sometimes easier to talk about bothersome things when you aren’t upset.

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