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8 Signs He May Never Ask You to Marry Him ...

By Melanie

Does the man you are currently seeing think of you as being his wife in the future? Or does he do quite the opposite? Do you think he is just using you for the time being? You know, until his future wife comes along. Well, below, I am going to give you 8 signs he may never ask you to marry him. You could also think of these tips as signs that he is not that into you.

8 He Does Not Mention You in the Future

He Does Not Mention You in the FuturePhoto Credit: //bwr

When he talks about his future and what he plans on doing, you never seem to show up in there. He never mentions you or having kids. He never says “our” future or what “we” are going to do. He never seems to include you in anything, not even future parties. Hmm…I don’t think he’s thinking about marrying you. Do you?

7 He Does Not like the Thought of Marriage

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Sure, most guys do not like the thought of marriage. However, when it comes to a girl they love and care a lot about, they want to spend the rest of their life with them and want to get married to them. If he does not like the thought of marriage, then maybe it is the fact he does not like the thought of marriage with you. He doesn’t like the thought of being tied down to you.


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6 He Says He is Glad He is Not Married

He Says He is Glad He is Not MarriedPhoto Credit: ringydingydo

Do you hear this saying a lot? I am not sure if this is a good sign. Some guys say it to hint at something or to get you to say something though. However, if you catch him saying it to his friends and not to you, then this may be a sign that he does not want to be married.

5 He Never Tells You He Loves You

Usually, “I love you” does not come after marriage, it comes before marriage. If you are in love, then you say that. When people are in love, they get married. Right? Usually. So, if he never says this to you, then it may not be a good sign.

4 He Doesn’t Help You out with Things

He Doesn’t Help You out with ThingsPhoto Credit: sweetcaroline♥

When you need help with your car or getting picked up for work, he finds other things, such as spending time with friends, more important. He will not go out of his way for you. He treats you as if you do not matter to him. This is a sign you need to get rid of him, because obviously he does not care.

3 He Doesn’t Seem to Care

He Doesn’t Seem to CarePhoto Credit: whateverexpress

Exactly, he does not seem to care. If he never calls you, says he loves you, goes places with you or any of that other fun stuff, then he probably does not care. If he cared, then he would spend time with you. He doesn’t want to marry you if he doesn’t care about you.

2 He Still Acts like a Kid

Sure, some men always act like a kid. That is their funny side, however, some kids…I mean, men do it more than others and in an immature way. If he is still acting like a child and showing no responsibility, then he’s not ready to marry you and he’s not marriage material.

1 He Doesn’t Have That Look

He Doesn’t Have That LookPhoto Credit: Stefano MinopOlympus

He never seems to show that look in his eyes. This is definitely something you need to watch for. Girls can tell by the look in the guy's eyes if they want to marry them or not. Of course, some girls may not be able to, but I was always able to tell and obviously, I was right about it. When they have that twinkle in their eyes when you show up and say I love you while looking in your eyes, then they may want to marry you.

There you have 8 signs he may never ask you to marry him. These are signs to look out for if you are looking for a guy that wants to marry you. Why should you waste your time with him if he isn’t going to marry you? Find someone who you can start spending those years with. We’re not getting younger, we’re only getting older and life is too short to mess around with the heart. So, do you think you’re in a good or bad relationship?

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