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8 Signs You Are Dating a Married Woman ...

By Melanie

I am against cheating. Then again, I think anyone who is in a relationship is against cheating. You will never find me cheating on my husband and I trust that my husband will never cheat on me. I can’t see how guys and girls can cheat on their spouse so willingly. If you no longer want to be with the person, just tell them – don’t keep pulling their heart strings. Guys, this one is aimed for you. I know this is All Women Stalk, but from time to time, I write things just for guys. So, right now, I am going to give you 8 signs you are dating a married woman …

8 Does Not Want Public Display of Affection

Does Not Want Public Display of AffectionPhoto Credit: King Jeff

Come on, what girl does not like to hold hands in public? Be caressed on the cheek? If she does not want this in public, then she might just be a married woman.

7 She Never Invites You to Her Place

She Never Invites You to Her PlacePhoto Credit: zoetnet

Yeah, this could be a big sign. Either that or she is ashamed of where she is living. Ask her why she never invites you over. Ask her if she can at least show you her place. Sometimes, when girls first start to date a guy, they purposely will not tell them where they live – it’s just a protection thing.

6 The Schedule is Always Strange

The Schedule is Always StrangePhoto Credit: satancharm

What is up with this girls schedule? It’s always strange. On Friday’s she’s not available until after 8pm or so on. She insists that during the day, you are not allowed to call her or during the night, you’re not allowed to call her. You can only call her between 8am and 5pm. Hmmm …

5 She Never Talks about Her Family

She Never Talks about Her FamilyPhoto Credit: Kochmanski

What is wrong with this girl? Does she really not have a family or is she actually married? Does the girl EVER tell you about her past?

4 Changes Subject when You Talk about the Future

Changes Subject when You Talk about the FuturePhoto Credit: Lou O' Bedlam

I always think that talking about the future is fun. However, if you’re talking about the future with a married woman, they may think different. Married women have a tendency to change the conversation when one is talking about the future.

3 Claims She Only Has a Cell Number

Claims She Only Has a Cell NumberPhoto Credit: Chris Kutschera

She claims that she only has one number and that is her cell number. She claims she has no number at home and no work number. She either isn’t taking you serious or is married.

2 A Wedding Ring Falls out of Her Pocket

A Wedding Ring Falls out of Her PocketPhoto Credit: fensterbme

You’re kissing in your apartment, you take her pants off and out of nowhere, a full fledged wedding ring falls out of her pocket. She starts to stutter and telling you that it’s her grandmother’s ring or some other family member. She starts coming up with weird excuses on that ring.

1 Ask to See Her Wallet or Photo Album

Ask to See Her Wallet or Photo AlbumPhoto Credit: Louis Abate

When you start your dating life, isn’t it normal to show each other your photo album or pictures in the wallet? If she doesn’t just open that wallet right up, then this may be a good sign she is married. Of course, it needs to go with some of the other signs I have listed above.

Those are 8 signs you are dating a married woman. If you’re dating a married woman, then you should probably get out of the relationship. No one deserves to have sloppy seconds and her husband does not deserve that treatment. So, did you find this blog helpful? What else would you like to see on here?

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